Capitole MKII Phase controller ..0 or 180 ?..

Im confused on what this phase controller is and where it should be applied.. I do here some difference when I play with it but where does one utilise this feature ?

My guess (and I'm sure a dealer or an AA owner will confirm or deny this) is that the phase controller is to help in connection with discs which are recorded in the wrong polarity. There are many who believe that Telarc dics, for example, sound better in inverted (180 degree) polarity. I myself have heard the difference on some discs, not on others (I have a similar phase knob on my Audio Logic DAC); I also believe that there is some list of discs available which sound better in inverted polarity, hopefully one of our commenters can show you where to find that list. The problem in some cases, particularly classical recordings which are multi-miked, is that you can have a jumble of different polarities in the final mix, which kind of makes changing the polarity an exercise in futility. You should try it with some discs and see if you hear a difference, as some people are more sensitive than others to this effect.
Hi Matt,

Was catching up on all the info and the Kharma's. I do believe that this phase can also be inverted unfortunately per track on each album. I always saw a difference while using my ML32 and using the phase correction, I look for the difference in the high's and voice. Can't wait to get my 32 back.

Some people have preamps or amps that invert phase. So, they would have to invert phase on the CD player to compensate for that. As already mentioned, some CDs are recorded improperly or mastered improperly with inverted phase.
It's usually easier to detect inverted phase in tracks with a vocalist. If it sounds like the singer is recessed behind the speakers or the background instruments seem closer than the vocalist, try the phase button. If the vocalist comes forward, you're in the right phase.
Thanks for the response guys .. yeah .. I played with it but heard squat ! .. well.. maybe one day Ill hear something worng ina recording and shifting phase will bring it all together.

Am I missing something. I own the Audio Aero Capitole Mark II Cd player. Sorry. but what-the-hell are y'all talking about? Again, sorry........?
Hey Unc!
I don't know if you're confused about the abilities of the Cap II, or about phase inversion....?
Simply put, phase inversion is occurring when your speaker drivers are operating in reverse. They pull in first, then push out the sound, instead of firing forward first like they should. It would be the same thing as if you switched your positive and negative speaker leads at the speaker. Everything would operate backwards.
Does that help?
never really made a audible difference on my Capitol 2 wonder if it was actually functioning though like did they forget to complete its installation on this player. Wadia phase button does definitely change the sound though.
Thanks Golden one, I really did not understand it until you came at me again. i do appreciate the patience. I have never listened for this either way. I think I have a CD-player test disc somewhere...and I think it got into the phase inversion. Since I did not know what it is, I did not know what to listen for.

I do think I am a fast learner....well, sometimes