CARDAS newsletter: Counterfeit Cable Warning! on FleaBay

Counterfeit Cable Warning!

I got the CARDAS Newsletter from Josh Meredith …. Surprise , surprise (NOT!) more CARDAS CLEAR LIGHT fakes …, $15-odd bucks and a bit (… more POS crap flogged from China … no surprise here IMO ….check ‘em out …,LOL …. )


“ …. Josh recently received an email from an alert Cardas user, with links to a couple auctions on eBay for obviously counterfeit cables. So he reported the auctions. And... nothing happened. eBay has yet to remove the listings.


Of course, the eBay cookies decided that Josh was in the market for cheap Cardas cables. Now his inbox is flooded with eBay listings for "Cardas" cables. And 100% of them are fake. He reports them as time permits, but it’s discouraging knowing that eBay is unlikely to act on any of these fraudulent listings.


So buyer beware. And whether you’re buying new or used, always go through an authorized Cardas dealer! If you are considering a second-hand cable being sold on an auction site, send Cardas a link first - we can’t guarantee authenticity from an online pic, but we can usually spot the fakes….”


Why, I never.....
What's the world coming to?
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


All the best,

I have known this for a long time, which is why I stick to the Odin powecords for $25 each.  Expensive, but you get what you pay for. 

If you do buy anything from flea bay and it's fake you are 100% entitled to a  refund as the seller has misrepresented the add and PayPal will side with you.

More than likely you'd also be able to keep the cable, the seller doesn't want a junk cable back and he'd be forced to offer a full refund.

 It could be though you might have to ship it back to the seller,  a legitimate seller could obviously make a mistake and list something that's not real.

Also a pos buyer could play some games and suggest he was scammed and switch out a real for a fake! Or you could just never buy or sell any expensive cables on flea bay.
I have some kimber listed and there legite and now I'm scared of being scammed. I'll investigate further before shipping 

Cardas does not sell Clear Light any more. And, the current bid price of $12.39 should be another indication. The currently listed pair of junk fakes on eBay shipping from Shenzhen China don't even look close to authentic. Buyers, when they arrive and cause things to sound worse, cut them open and look inside for entertainment. 

Was an entire thread on this counterfeit junk. Ebay, all the China sites peddling this carp.