Cartridge alignment with non slotted headshell?

With headshells that don’t allow for alignment, how is this a good choice? Some examples, Yamamoto HS-6, Ortofon lh10000, and many vintage ones I’ve seen. Without a slotted headshell I don’t see a way for rotating the cartridge for zenith adjustment. Also, it will be very difficult to get the the overhang 100%. This also goes for SPU’s in SPU headshells. One reason I think my SPU Royal N is a better choice than in SPU headshell. Am I missing something or are the people using these not caring about proper alignment?
You don’t have to (and you can’t) twist headshell-integrated cartridges like SPU and FR7f type, they are fixed with correct overhang and if you will check them with Dr.Feickert protractor they’re spot on (with one of 3 possible methods) if your PS distance is correct.

If you have conventional cartridge screwed to the headshell without slots but with treated holes then it’s nice to have overhang adjustment on the headshell (like AT Technihard, Stax and others). 

Even if there are no lots there are at least 2-3 pairs of fixed treated holes for mounting screws and this is how you can adjust overhang altering position of the cartridge, but you can;t twist it. This is indeed not ideal if your cantilever is off-centered.

Headshell with slots, azimuth and overhand adjustment will give you everything, but it is not rigid as the shell without those options.


“Even if there are no lots there are at least 2-3 pairs of fixed treated holes for mounting screws and this is how you can adjust overhang altering position of the cartridge, but you can;t twist it. This is indeed not ideal if your cantilever is off-centered. ‘

These spaced out holes are not accurate enough for perfect overhang. And yes the SPU in headshell has no adjustments. Nothing comes 100 % perfect. This is why I felt the N is the better version. Also I mentioned the ortofon lh10000, that has only one pair of headshell holes. I’m wondering how people are using these optimally. It is Ortofon’s  top headshell.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been using multiple cartridges and changing them regularly, and haven’t been spending the time setting up that I used to. When I was  a one cartridge person, I would spend many hours setting up to perfection. And I thought most people agreed that the cartridge’s cantilever and tip isn’t 100% from the factory and that zenith and azimuth should  be adjusted to achieve  perfection.

Well, when you're using SPU cartridges all you have to check is Pivot to Spindle on your tonearm. You don't have to adjust SPU type of cartridges, you have to adjust tonearm PS distance only. For example: on FR tonearms SPU will be spot on with Stevenson alignment, with modern tonearm it will be spot on with Baerwald alignment, depends on tonearm design (geometry). 

For conventional cartridge all you have to do is to buy nice headshell with slots (if other type of shell without slot is not accurate with your cartridge/tonearm). Some sheadshell without lots designed for specific tonearm from the same brand.  

I would definitely get one of their slotted headshells, carbon, various woods, etc, they are all over eBay.

or other brand if it doesn't matter.

Fixed arm, I went for a slot with a sliding/pivoting metal plate, allen head locking screw, very easy. Arm height via micrometer (not while playing, needs to be adjusted, locked, checked. Arm rotates/locks for azimuth, pain to get right, but you get it.

There are VTA on the fly, would be nice, my Acos Lustre 801 VTA on the fly is so easy, but not this length, or this price.

Yeah, luckily headshells are relatively cheap to buy many.

Something what i like:

Grace HS-8 mid mass
Grace HS-6 Carbon-Fiber light mass  
Audio-Craft (heavy one) AS-3PL cart still can be twisted

another excellend mid mass Audio-Craft headshell, actually thus type is cret, because the fingerlift has treated holes to avoid nuts, cart screwed from from underneath, this is clever design! 

And this is just an illustration of the yamaha shell with 4 teated holes, impossible to twist a cartridge, but the overhand and azimuth is fully.  adjustable. Same on AT Technihard models. 

Dear @sdrsdrsdr  : You are rigth, in those kind of cartridges you just can't set up the zenith parameter.

In those vintage times no one cares about not even the tonearm/cartridge manufacturers and Ortofon just gave and gives them what they ask for,

IMHO, all those tonearm/cartridge with fixed non removable headshells ( but Ortofon. ) were or are just stupid designers and we are more stupid that they are because we bougth those items.

So stupid those designers and audiophiles that they choosed Stevenson alignment for the tonearm/cartridge set up when this kind of alignment is theworst one with the higher tracking error/tracking distortions all over the recorded LP surface but its last 3mms.

Go figure ! ! ? ?  and exist avid proponents of those items ! ! ! 

Ignorance/extreme low knowledge levels is everywhere.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
Stupid ones, go figure the list:
Stupid Ortofon
Stupid Technics
Ultra stupid Saec
Stupid Jelco
And my stupid Saec 308SX still tracks the best with the topmost stupid geometry using stupid test disc. From time to time I do think that due to weird geometry I have to sell it but as I don’t care enough about stupid geometry so it will stay.

No it's geometry classics. In the old days in Egypt it was started as science to measure the land, now we do measure sound with it.

I guess we choose what we want. Slotted headshells if we want the versatility to achieve perfect alignment with our protractor.  I have found that unless a mirrored protractor like Smartractor or Mint LP protractor that has the hologram lines underneath the glass to line up with the top lines, it is hard to see zenith accurate anyway.

I always felt  my EMT TSD-15 in EMT headshell could sound better in the nude version with  slotted headshell. These plug and play versions (like spu) were great back in the day when not many knew how to do cartridge alignment. And they’re still great now for people that still want this convenience.
I use Dr.Feickert protractor latest version to verify my FR-7fz on FR tonearms (same with SPU on this arm), there is no damage and cantilever is straight as it should be, the stylus tip is spot on if the PS distance is correct. Very easy.

When you're using tonearm and cartridge made by the same manufacturer there is no risk, they are designed for use together. 

EMT headshell integrated must be perfect on EMT tonearm too

No matter when it was designed today or 40 years ago, if same person design tonearm and cartridge this is a perfect match and you don't have to kill time with alignments. 

I remember SPU on my ex Schick "12 tonearm and since this tonearm was designed primarily for SPU i can't remember any problem in setup, the alignment method was Baerwald, but the sound is not better than my SPU on FR-64fx with Stevenson. Actually the latest combination was much more impressive and Ikeda designed his tonearms and cartridges for use with Stevenson alignment. 

Conventional cartridges and heashells with slots are easy to align using whatever method. It's a cure if you can twist a cartridge in the headshell if the cantilever is off-centered, so you can alight by the cantilever, not by the cartridge body as a result cartridge body will be twisted left or right. 

But a perfect cartridge is the one with perfect cantilever (not off-centered cantilever) it can be turned left or right if you want to use different geometry (not the one that a tonearm designer expected). Everyone is free to use whatever method, but i always use what tonearm designer suggested first.  

Dear @sdrsdrsdr  @bukanona : Not Ortofon, they only gaves what the people in Japan ask for the 95% of those Ortofon cartridges were sold in Japan in those times: only business. Problem was developed in Japan and that's why Stevenson made what he made it: a stupid alignment. No Stevenson was or is not a stupid gentleman, he did it only what those unknowledge level people were asking for.

Now, please tell me how can you change or make an azimuth correct set up with all those FR7 and other stupid kind of designs?

I was stupid enough to own several of those F7 including the 702. I know what I'm talking about.

Problem with SAEC is not its geometry. Who told you this or from where do you think learned it?. Totally wrong.

Alignment isn't stupid one Rauliruegas, you are ignoring the fact that these cartridges was very low compliance hence tracking wasn't the superior one. So Stevenson was safe approach.
They were low compliance deliberately -  there was no shortage of soft rubber in old days :)

Yes you have some limitations with integrated designs although if it's used on makers tonearm - it's resonances usually are perfect ones. Users had an ability to get a working system. Tweaking in these old days like I am using Denon DL103 on ultralight tonearm and it's very OK for me as it's unipivot wasn't popular. 

I don't know your problems with SAEC but I have managed to get it work with low compliance cartridges so it's OK for me and it's perfect in tracking business so I am happy.