Cartridge installer North Jersey - NYC area wanted

Can anyone recommend someone who installs cartridges in the North Jersey - NYC area?
Thank you.  
I recommend Jon, the fivechannelguy. It may take him an hour or so, but he can do it any time- and you cannot beat him on price.
Somewhere in there while trying to figure out how to throw more money out the window you mention to Jon the fivechannel guy how great it would be if he could do this. Jon says well there is a cartridge installer training program. If you'll cover half the tuition I'll split the rest and not even charge you since its my first job. 

What a deal! So then after watching the 60 minute free YouTube video by phono legend Michael Fremer on how to mount and align a cartridge Jon the fivechannel guy shows up and wow its like he's a whole different man! Gone is the clueless schlub afraid of his own hands. Before you stands a real man able to do real man stuff. Who'd a thunk?

And lo! Jon the fivechannel guy actually does a really good job! Which you know because you watched him the whole time! And actually understood what he was doing every step of the way!

Settling back enjoying your favorite beverage as your favorite vinyl spins the warm glow of satisfaction sweeps over you as you realize that was the best money you ever didn't spend.