Cary 308T CDP vs. ?

I have been considering CDP's - Any comments on this one vs. ... whatever (also considering the Cary 308 non-T, Cairn Fog v2, Jolida JD100, MF 3.2 or A308CD). There were some brief comments on this new tubed unit in December, and AA has some posts as well; however, I wondered if anyone has any updates. Will be used w/MF A3cr pre/pwr + B&W spks. Most listening = chamber music, acoustic, and some orchestral, jazz, and rather dynamic ecclectic material. I currently use one of the original Denon units from the early-mid-80's; my CD collection has now exceeded LP, so perhaps I should finally accept the digital thing and see if improved playback technology actually helps. I should note that my existing cdp has never malfunctioned during two decades of use.

Also - why are there so many used Cary 303's out there? Does anyone have any comments on Cary reliability?
I can't comment on the 308T since I haven't bought one yet, but I did own a 303/100 for about 18 months. It worked flawlessly and I sold it only to raise money to help buy the 308T. The only reason I want to switch from the 303 to the 308T is that I need the analog volume control on the latter, having eliminated my preamp.
I confess I have not heard the Cary. I do have the Jolida 100 running at it's best. I can't imagine why anyone would shell out a couple of grand more, when the Jolida is breath takingly real sounding.

Hearsay does not carry much weight, but, for what it's worth, I have read two posts by owners of both machines who prefer the Jolida on all counts.