Cassandra Wilson - Coming Forth By Day

Bought this LP a few days ago. Great packaging, liner notes, etc. I'm a CW fan. However, this one, I'm trying and trying, and it's so weird, dense, almost murky. They're all Billie H tunes, wholly unrecognizable here. No crime, but it's so out there I thought to ask others for their take. Similar? Different? Discuss. 
Scott, CW fan also. It is a tough one...too many added studio effort that yells 'trying too hard' / 'being too clever'... 

An uber resolving system can unravel it, but one still needs to come to terms with the content, arrangement and delivery.

it's so weird, dense, almost murky

I agree, so very disappointing, still shaking my head in confusion as to how she/they could think that is even good, let alone her normal excellence.
I find a lot of CW's albums to be demandingly dense when it comes to production. Not muddy, just really, really, layered.