Cats chasing laser pointers

I profess to myself, that I govern this avocation and keep it in check. But sometimes, it feels as if the marketing people are running the whole theater with frenetic laser pointers in a darkened room and we are simply cats chasing about the room to exhaustion.

I'm astonished at the willingness of some to fork over near a king's ransom on a thing or things with guaranteed crashing depreciation just for the thrill of it all.  

Not that I am guiltless, but have dodged substantial diminishing of capital for auditory pleasure.  I've set my limits and rationalize as others.

I've been in process for the last year of divesting myself of quality now unneeded components so that others may enjoy.  Or, perhaps I've deluded myself and am actually re-creating the whole dynamic in someone else's life; perhaps, negative unintended consequences of the do-gooder.  The quiet dealer on the corner muttering something about partying.



I look at it objectively. We come in this world with nothing and leave the same way.

There are very few things we “Need” food, water, shelter, clothing. Mostly everything else is a “want”.

We spend our discretionary (want) money many ways. Some purchases retain good market resale value, most don’t not.  Outside meals, vacations, movies, better clothing, etc are such examples.  I started out with a junker lemon car, moved up to progressively nicer cars, and my current car is a Lexus.  In high-end audio, I try to purchase used.

If your concern is for purchasing assets with a good resale value, that’s a personal choice to have more assets.  But money is only a tool, it comes and goes.  Look at dogs and cats - owning is for pure enjoyment. Kids? - that’s also asset depleting.

Yes, I get that thought of “money out the window”, but it’s more important to not spend beyond one’s financial abilities aka responsibility.  Enjoyment and memories are priceless, often much more valuable than storing green paper.

Aren't we all programmed to pursue materialistic pleasures? Is there any real way to avoid it? If not audio gear, it will be something else.

A simple way to curb excesses is to avoid the use of credit. Save up for your gear, pay cash, avoid spending money that leaves you short in other important areas. Enjoy it.

Put anything on Tik Tok and you're guaranteed success beyond your wildest dreams. The long sought end goal of business was to condition the population to be blanket consumers (decades in the making). 
Why would anyone think that class, pedigree or status makes one immune to that? Audio is no exception.

All the best,