CD Transport Repair

Does anyone know of a competent repair shop for CD transports?

I am currently having one repaired. I went through the manufacturer, who ultimately had me send it to a repair shop they designated. It has fallen into a black hole. Not having received an estimate after almost 2 months, I am getting close to insisting that they box it up and ship it back.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I may need future repairs.
What in particular failed on the CD transport?

If you get it back, you may be able to fix it yourself. Most of the time, it's just realignment or a lens adjustment. If it's new enough, you should be able to get replacement parts if necessary.
It depends what they have to repair and if spares are availiable.
If a laser change and the tech is serious and professional then it is not only fiddling with screws. Laser changes demand measurements on a scale otherwise you would need replacement in few months.
That's if your transport is worth keeping.


Is it the TRANSPORT (drawer won't open/close properly)


Is it a LASER problem (they get weak, unable to read the disc)

If Laser

I bought a used Oppo BDP-83, arrived with "Unknown Disc" repeatedly. Tech diagnosed: "It's the Laser". Oh, now a bit of research, lots of comments about Lasers going bad. Found this:

Returned for full credit including shipping cost.

No precision needed for replacement, just a screwdriver and steady hand to remove/replace the ribbon cable and a few snap connectors.

It's sandwiched in between layers, various players have more or less layers, but ANY computer or electronics, or handyman can change them.

The Oppo BDP-83 (I imagine others) assembly mounts on springs, simply tighten/loosen the two front screws raises/lowers the front of the transport to open/close thru the faceplate's mouth without hitting anything.

Bought an Oppo BDP-105. Checked first, too many people sell the laser, it clearly fails eventually.

I insisted on a low-mileage Laser, found one.

Thank you for responding.

When loaded the disc just spun and was not read. It would not stop spinning unless the power was turned off.

I am not going to attempt to diagnose or repair this transport myself.

Does anyone know of a competent repair shop for CD transports?
georgehifi - The transport is a Pro-ject CD Box RS. I have both the upgraded power supply (Power Box Uni 1-Way) and DC cable for it as well.

I can't find anything on that laser/mech, it "looks like" a Philips CDM12 but it's not. (could be unobtainable now?) 
This guy had a spare laser, maybe he know what it is and if available still.

Cheers George

Thank You for posting the Laser block link.

Happy Listening!
If it's anything other than a simple fix, or if it's fixable but only at high cost, I recommend you junk it and get one of the newer "post CD transports" such as the Audiolab 6000 CDT ($550) or the similar Cambridge model. That's what I did, replacing my Mark Levinson/Proceed CDT ($2,000 new) with the Audiolab.  And I was amazed that the Audiolab took my system up several levels! I'm not kidding, very impressive.  All the expense and searching to fix the Mark Levinson/Proceed --and it was a total waste of time when such fine new transports are now availab.e

I'm going through my CD collection and it's like I just I'm hearing them for the first time. The improvement is that good. 
Did you try kicking it?  Just buy an Innuos Zen Mk3 streamer/server and load all your CDs into it through its onboard CD slot — transport problem fixed.  And by the way you can now play any of your songs in any order without getting up from your chair.  And you also now have access to the entire world of music (including hi-res) through streaming.  Or you can keep struggling to figure out how to get transports fixed.  Sorry, I know this is a little snarky, but it does kinda sound like an attractive alternative, no?  Good luck with the buggy whip, er, transport.  Heh heh. 

Thank you for the recommenation(s).  I prefer AES/EBU from transport to DAC and I have a decent AES cable.  Otherwise I would have tried the Audiolab.

And yes, I will certainly do a cost/benefit analysis in getting it repaired.  However, it is not a dinosaur.  As mentioned above (4/20/21), I have the upgraded linear power supply and DC cable as well.

And yes, at some point, if trying to get it fixed becomes onerous, I will give up the ghost.