CD Transport with XLR Out

Looking for CD Transport with XLR out.  Will probably buy used, but looking at units with list price under $1000. I had a Nuprime and it sounded great, but broke twice and horrible ( None ) support from Nuprime.  Thanks


The new (yet to be launched) Shanling ET3 CD transport has digital XLR (AES / EBU) output. I think it is about $700 (US dollars)

The very fine Jay’s Audio CDT2-MK3 has IIs (via HDMI), AES/EBU, S/PDIF Coax, and S/PDIF BNC - no Toslink.

These retail for $2500 new but can be found used for $2000. It's a top loader with a Philips CDM4/19 drive.

The also fine Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T comes with an AES/EBU digital output sells for $3,200.

It says June in the website. We are already mid-June, so I don’t know. Maybe June 30? Source:

You will need to scroll down a bit. Not too far down



I think you mean AES/EBU out, which looks the same as XLR (analog), but is a digital cable I/O to connect between transport out and dac in


I'm using the IIS/I2S a.k.a., HDMI, input on a Matrix Audio Element X, fed from the same on a PS Audio CD transport. I credit the IIS as a significant factor in improved clarity. Just my take.

Say what you will, but I have found that the emotiva erc-4 is a nice affordable unit.


I had an OPPO 105 and when it died I bought a used 93, but it doesn’t have XLR.

I’ll be interested in hearing what you decide.

I have the Oppo 105 in home theater. I still have my 103, but have never particularly cared for it as either a CD Player or far the Shanling seems most interesting in my price range, but also may switch some gear around so I don't need a transport with XLR output connector...

I can't say enough about the Jay's Audio CDT2-MK3 !  Terrific, well-built drive with a multitude of outputs and a precision clock.  I've had mine for over a year and it only sounds better !  It's the best transport I've had on my system.  Hard to find used and even used the price would probably be more than your $1000 range.  Everyone has to try and stick to their own budgetary constraints, however if you're looking for a good final DAC that won't break the bank, this is one you should certainly consider...Good Luck !


I second that Emotiva.😉 I've had the Gen2 for many years now. Solid performer for the $$$, and you can order direct from a company that offers great customer service.


curious what effect the Emotiva being not gapless has ? And yes,, looking to stay under $1000 ... I'm very familiar with the more expensive transports, where AES EBU is quite common, from my main system, but this is for a fun side project..thanks for all the responses...looks like the Shanling is shipping direct from China now, so hopefully here soon...

they hardly make good transports for that kind of money now ... look for a broken or broken ML 31 ... Theta basic

Due house down sizing, I have a one owner Acoustics Research CD-1 available for sale.  Well reviewed and highly regarded unit with XLR out.  Refurbished by AR several years ago and held in air-conditioned storage.

I second the Project DS 2T as a possible upgrade from my Audiolab 6000CDT, but am very happy with the 6000, which responds well to iso-devices, cables and PCs

The Perfect Wave Audio CDT MkII has been purchased by myself as a used item in the UK, for very close to your budget.

I am extremely pleased with how it interfaces with my DAC and System overall.

As a model it has many followers who are remaining loyal or stuck loyal for many years.

The link will show you how it might work in favour of your requirements. 

I have the Pro-Ject DAC Box RS2 and love it. I rolled the tubes a couple of times and I run it exclusively in tube mode. I'm all set to buy the matching transport, but alas, the Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T is nowhere to be found; even the website says it's not currently available here in the States..

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I bought Nuprime CDT and I couldn't listen to it even once, it didn't work and I returned it. Then I went for my first option that I had not chosen because the price was higher than the Nuprime, and this was the Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T, which I bought with its linear separate power supply, and even its special power cable. between transport and source. It has been one of my best investments to date, transparent liquid sound, precise and musical. A good power cable makes differences and the same a good bases in both devices