Centre channel for TAD ME-1 or Joseph Audio Pulsar graphene

Hello everyone,

I am thinking about purchasing new speakers, and I am more and more interested by the TAD ME-1 or Joseph Audio Pulsar graphene. But my system has to be flexible as I do listen to a lot to music but also use my Home Theater quite a lot. This means that I would like to have a very nice centre speaker accompanying the 2 front speakers.
So here is my question; with which center speaker could well integrate with the TAD ME-1 or Joseph Audio Pulsar graphene ?

thanks a lot for your help!



I'm not sure about which center channel to get but the TAD ME-1 are among the finest speakers for 2 channel that I've ever heard. I wish I hadn't sold them. You can't go wrong.

Try the Monitor Audio gold or platinum with the ATM tweeter and midrange under it.  Not sure the model number.

@lancelock thank you, they seem indeed formidable!

@erik_squires you mean the midrange physically under the tweeter? Such as the discontinued Gold C350 or Platinum C350 or PLC 350. Why do you recommend these 2? Same tonality and speed? Thanks for your help!



I'm a big fan of AMT tweeters when done correctly , and MA does

Since you asked to match premium speakers, a 3-way center channel tends to have certain improvements over a 2 way.

  • Better off-axis listening due to the side-woofers being crossed in lower (400 Hz vs. 2 kHz)
  • Better power handling because the tweeter doesn't need to go down as low.  3-4 kHz vs. 2 kHz.

The side-by side arrangement of woofers in a 2-way center channel leads to a lot more beaming than in a 2-way main speaker. 

So I'm picking MA for excellent tonal balance, and of the many models they make, a 3-way with AMT as being the top of their range of performance.

Just an FYI, Joseph Audio had a center channel about 15 years ago. You could see if they would modify it for you, if you could tell the difference on movies.

I also remember Salk being mentioned as a less expensive speaker that compared in sound to the Joseph Speakers. All pre Pulsar,  but Joseph does have a sound. 

Thanks for your replies , which are very useful!

i need to point out that I leave in Europe so I guess that some brands are not really represented like Salk (thx @acman3 )

the Monitor audio centre channel idea is not bad and deserves to be tested. I have the Silver C350 which works very well and indeed I would need the Gold or the Platinum to match the TAD ME1. Maybe also considering the Platinum 3G?

As for budget (@soix ), it should be around 10k€.

If you have any other suggestions / ideas, please feel free to share them!

thx again