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Hi everyone, I have sent emails and called and left messages for Bob Grost over a few months with no response. I did buy something and I am trying to buy another set of cables. Does anyone know what is going on? I have Matrix SCs and one Matrix IC and really like them.

I am looking for a pair of 1.5M Matrix Damping squared Interconnects with RCAs and a pair of Matrix Jumpers for speakers.



I understand there may be at least one newborn in the family, he could be preoccupied  Usually extremely nice and caring individual with the business end. 

After phone messages and emails I have still not heard a peep back from him or anyone at the company over a period of MONTHS.

Once again, does anyone know if all is well with Cerious Technologies? I am sincerely trying to buy some cables from them!

I was previous customer a few years ago and couldn't reach him after several emails. I guess it's hit and miss. 

I spoke to him several weeks ago and ordered his new Interconnects. Tried one, compared it to my Shunyata sigma2, sold the sigma 2, and ordered more of his. I can’t speak for his responsiveness, but i’ve had no issues. He may be overwhelmed with a new line of speakers he’s putting out.

droleg - Which interconnect was it? Matrix or Luminscate? Was it XLR or RCA?  Thanks.

I am looking for Matrix Speaker Jumpers and a Pair of Matrix RCA Interconnects in 1.5M length,




Hi everyone,

Through this forum I have found the jumpers and interconnects I was seeking.

I truly appreciate everyone's help and kindness!



I was hoping to see a Black Friday sale from Bob, like he's had in the past, but he's pretty busy.  I have Lumniscate power cord that I tried, and it is really nice.  Thinking about getting more Lumniscate :-)


I've been trying to reach Bob at Cerious Tech for the past week by phone and email with no response. Phone calls go directly to voicemail, with no message of being temporarily closed for the holidays. The website is up and running but there's nobody home.  Jeff

Bob at Cerious Tech has responded to me by email. I sent a pair of Matrix interconnects to him for trade in towards a pair of Luminscates. His pricing is more than fair with customer service that continues to be first rate. Good listening, Jeff

On the site there was a Graphene Extreme V2 series (PC, SC and ICs) available. 

Has anyone tried these?

I don’t spend a lot of time on this forum but now that I happened by I’ll just add my two cents. I met Bob Grost a little over year ago since we discovered we were neighbors, living within 25 minutes of each other here in the Valley. My interest was piqued by several blogs and reviews so before we ever met and became friends I had placed my first Lumniscate order ( balanced IC’s).  I have some nice gear and had what I thought were superb Nordost cables. Well, now I’ve got the full loom of Lumniscate and am absolutely blown away by how my Lumniscate cables have utterly transformed my system. Speaker cables running out from my Dynaudios to my Krell Class A amp, power cords for my Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC and Makua preamp, Antippdes K41 server and K22 player, AES lit from my K22 player to the DAC. Words cannot describe how superb and transformative these cables are. 

In Bob’s defense I know how busy he is. I hardly ever get a chance to visit these days because of the exponential increase in demand for his cables . It’s as though one of the industry’s best kept secret is out of the bag, and while not exactly inexpensive, his cables are the very best value proposition in the cable industry. Better than Odin2 quality for 30 cents on the dollar. For anyone who finds Lumniscate a bit out of range price wise, the Matrix v2 remain the best value proposition in the line. I use them for my Farad and TeddyPardo linear power supplies. Superb. Lumniscate for everything else. I only wish he could allocate the time to make a REL Nutrik cable as I have two 212/SX subs that are calling out. 

Anyone new to Cerious will find Bob to be genuinely down to earth and honest as the day is long. He’s a great human being, albeit a very, very busy one. I think he’s digging himself out from under. Getting his  new website up and running was quite a feat, and it came out great , and now that’s in the rear view mirror.