Cerious Technologies

Hi everyone, I have sent emails and called and left messages for Bob Grost over a few months with no response. I did buy something and I am trying to buy another set of cables. Does anyone know what is going on? I have Matrix SCs and one Matrix IC and really like them.

I am looking for a pair of 1.5M Matrix Damping squared Interconnects with RCAs and a pair of Matrix Jumpers for speakers.



After phone messages and emails I have still not heard a peep back from him or anyone at the company over a period of MONTHS.

Once again, does anyone know if all is well with Cerious Technologies? I am sincerely trying to buy some cables from them!

I was previous customer a few years ago and couldn't reach him after several emails. I guess it's hit and miss. 

I spoke to him several weeks ago and ordered his new Interconnects. Tried one, compared it to my Shunyata sigma2, sold the sigma 2, and ordered more of his. I can’t speak for his responsiveness, but i’ve had no issues. He may be overwhelmed with a new line of speakers he’s putting out.

droleg - Which interconnect was it? Matrix or Luminscate? Was it XLR or RCA?  Thanks.

I am looking for Matrix Speaker Jumpers and a Pair of Matrix RCA Interconnects in 1.5M length,