Changes in my life, new system, need new speakers

So I have moved into a new place, and have a very very small family room. Also got hit by a power surge and were taken out. I am working with insurance (slow) and manufactures (ever slower). But for now I have gone from an Audio Research LS5 MK III and Odyssey Kismet mono blocks. To an NAD M12 and M32 which I have 0 complaints about even coming from tubes and Class A’s the NAD Masters series just sounds amazing to me. But this new sleek looking system in my modern family room is kind of an eye sore with my current JM Lab Mini Utopia speakers. Now by no means am I giving up my Mini Utopia’s they will go with the Audio Research and Kistmet’s when I get a bigger place. For now I am going to the NAD stuff because I really like it and I want a small sleek amazing sounding bookshelf to go with the setup.

I was looking at the LS50 Meta initially but I do have the budget for more. Then I was looking at the Monitor Audio Gold 100 5g which used is right in my $2500 budget.

I listen to everything but mainly Classical, Jazz, and Rock and whichever bookshelf I pick will be matched with an SVS 3000 Micro

I am not looking for you to make a decision for me. I am looking for amazing sounding bookshelf speakers in my $2500 budget (used speaker budget) or if i am better off keeping the Mini Utopias for now.  If I do find something it would be nice if they were a step up from the Mini Utopias.   I will do my own research and testing, just looking for speakers people recommend and the reason why. Then this summer when I get a house I will have two amazing systems.


You might want to check out the Harbeth P3ESR. It is one my favorite stand mount type speakers . You can get a used pair for under 2 grand. BTW, I just pulled the trigger on the larger Harbeth HL5 and I will be listing the P3 soon!





 Buy two, stand upright on stands, allow a couple hundred hours of break in for the woofers and tweeter. They will blow your mind with their clarity, soundstage, and overall frequency response. 

don’t let the price deter you, because they are,not a 2000K well known brand.

I’ve owned these in the past, as a pair of L and R mains, allow break in, the woofers will soften up, and the tweeter will relax, and you will fill your room with open airy sound with a great wide soundstage. 

for the price to be had, give a try for a few months, and let them break in a while, you will be shocked and may have found your new speakers.

on stands or upright on a shelf, once they break in, they will surprise you. 

hope you try them, they are a little kept secret.

You have REAL good speakers. Just cause they are a little older does not matter. Top of the line. The KEF you mentioned would sound like toys compared. Need to get out and listen. My bet is it would take at least 5k to top them unless you just want a different flavor.