Charles Lloyd & The Marvels + Lucinda Williams "Vanished Gardens"

What a terrific new album!  While I'm not a jazz guy, (like, at all), I truly enjoyed this LP.  The addition of Lucinda Williams, was a brilliant move.  She has just the right voice for this kind of material and she's one of my favorite female vocalists.

Doing another album with The Marvels was also the perfect move.  This doesn't feel like a jazz album to me, but a complete refresh of something just a little different.

The LP is clean, dynamic and very quiet.

One of my top picks for the best album of the year.

Highly recommended!
Thanks for the heads up, love Lucinda and kind of scratched my head when I saw this pairing but will definitely check it out.
Thanks @mofimadness,

She brought in Bill Frisell on her last two projects, so I’m not surprised here. Looking forward to checking it out.


Actually, I already listened the other day and was not very impressed.

My grey matter...…..
I'm a great fan of Lucinda Williams and Charles Lloyd - as individual artists. When I heard about this album I checked out the music as well as several stage performances on YouTube. Glad their collaboration gives pleasure to Mofimadness. However, to my ears they sound as if they are competing with one another for musical dominance and the group sounds like an uneasy alliance. Lucinda's vocal performances on this collaboration sound rough and unfocused compared to "The Ghosts of Hwy. 20" and "Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone," which I thought were some of best albums ever. 
Man, what a tough room :-)  I stand by my comments about this LP.  It has gotten some pretty decent reviews.

I was careful to state above, that I'm not a jazz fan, but I really do find this title very enjoyable.  It gets even better with subsequent listening.

Can't please everyone, I guess...

You describe the initial reaction I had in a way I wish I would had regarding Lucindas's songs and the way in which they are presented on this lp.

In the end, I felt like it was somewhat of a (sell-out) on her part.

All that matters in the end is what any one listener likes and how the music speaks to them.
I found this album thoroughly enjoyable. A wierd pairing but it kind of works for me. 
@mofimadness , mail man brought my copy yesterday and fired it up last night, nice, I like it.
I've really enjoyed listening to this group and their style. Can you folks point me in the direction of musicians with a similar vibe? It hasn't been on my radar and I want to explore more. Thanks
Thanks Slaw, 
i like Lucinda, I was interested in more musicians that have a similar style to CL and the Marvels with or without vocalist. Any suggestions?