Vacating in Charleston, SC next week. Anyone reccommend any used/new vinyl shops in the area?
Uhm NO.

I used to live there.
I now live right up the road, so to speak, in Columbia.
We actually have a real live record shoppe here.
I might be wrong, someone might have opened something in Chucktown, but I'm not aware.

As far as HiFi goes, check out Read Bros. Stereo in DT Charleston, and Peachtree Acoustics just over the Bridge in Mt Pleasant. Also, Audio Wharehouse, west of the Ashley (river).
When we toured the area, the only LPs I found were in antique shops and flea markets along the road.
Thanks Gthirteen, I will drive thru Columbia going and coming so please share the name of the shoppe there. I am not interested in equipment this trip but it looks like Charleston is lacking a vinyl store so far. I always wanted to retire there, maybe this is an opportunity.
Pappa Jazz

I can't find the number, but it's right in the middle of 5 points, the absolute center of downtown life.