Cheap Trick brings back the 8-Track

thats right. their new album(which contains a straight up cover of slade's 'when the lights are out') is available on 8-track tape. get the olds toronado out and pop it in.
Bun E Carlos must be busy these days. He just played on the cd by a band called Tinted Windows. It's a good, fun cd in the "Cheap Trick" style - don't think it's available on 8 track, though.

I thought the trick was to take the cartridge and bang it on something. That worked for me, also worked wonders on VCR tapes.
Nothing wrong with artists identifying their target market.
Now that made me belly laugh. Even funnier as CT is my favorite band! LOL
Ah,8-tracks.I remember saving up my grass cutting money to buy a Jensen below dash unit and 4 6x9 coaxials.Then I proceded to butcher the door panels on Dad's '72 Chevy Kingswood Estate stationwagon to install the speakers while he was out of town!It was the best thing I'd ever heard and well worth the ass whippin' I recieved!!!!