chosing a cassette deck

Anyone still using casstte decks? I'm looking for one with " auto reverse " but I am noticing a bit of a difference. I had a nice Pioneer dual deck that finally burnt up on me. The nice thing about this deck is that it would play both sides of the tape when in auto reverse and then stop.

I have tried a Denon and a Sony but both play the tape contiuosly for hours when on auto reverse. Any one have another brand that only plays once around when in auto reverse? I require a dual deck as I still burn tapes.
I had a single deck JVC that had a selector allowing you to play one side, both, or continuous. (Just what you want i think.) I'm not sure if their duals had this but it was a nice player. I still have it and use it once and a while.
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The best auto-rev. decks are single cassette units. The Nakamichi Dragon is considered the absolute best of these -- primarily because it has automatic head azimuth adjustment. Since the head needs to jump up or down slightly, depending which direction the tape is going, most auto-rev decks don't give the same reproduction as a fixed-head single-direction deck. A properly-adjusted Dragon will however. They're available on Ebay for anywhere from $350 to $1250 depending on condition and accessories (a wired remote is available)
Try a Nakamichi. You wont' be dissapointed. If you need to dub, buy two decks. Auto-reverse was only available on the Dragon I think. There were a few models that actually flippped the tape. The reason behind this was for optimal tape alignment in one direction only.
I guess I wasn't looking for an expensive tape deck as eventually I will give up on tapes. My main concern was buying a tape deck that was going to stop after playing both sides. Maybe I will pick up a Yamaha or JVC on ebay. If it works maybe I will opt for the same brand slightly better.

thanks for the input.

Only one choice really, NAK... they will break down after 10-15 years, stay away from the CR-3A, the CR-7A is great but expensive to fix, of course there's the Dragon, very pricey also expensive to fix. BX-300 is a great deck and not hard to find or expensive.. all units should have the "gear-drive upgrade" performed or buy the "Cassette Deck 1" from the early 90's with gear drive built-in.
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If you want to get the best get a Tandberg 3014A. Built to last. If you want an autoreverse get something else. But sound quality will be compromised. Like all cassette decks a Tandberg will need some shop time. I got a good one here 4 years ago no lemon. I bought another used one and it was nothing but trouble. I clean and demagnetize after before recording Bulk erase if using a used tape. I set azimith, bias and record current per manual. Then listen. If I hear any difference I adjust and listen again. If I cant get it right with a used tape I junk the tape. Most of the time if I adjust the input to the same volume level of source its the best level then listen carefully.Dont get a cassette deck that auto adjusts anything. What works in the Lab does not always work in the real world every time. Anyway if you want convenience. Get A Nak auto reverse
My Proton AD 430 has been in use off/on for about 15-20 years. It doesn't have auto reverse though.
The Tandberg 3014 is a fine unit, as mentioned by Blueranger. I've been using a Studer A710 for over 20 a Porsche, it needs some tuning now & then...but it is a FABULOUS machine. Stay away from autoreverse units if u desire purity, IMO.
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