Christmas Ideas - DIY something!

Here are some things you could make that would be a lot of fun and educational. If not for yourself, as gifts or something to do with your kids. Don’t forget your daughters might love to get involved given the chance.

- Speakers
- Music streamers (Raspberry Pi + Volumio)
- Cables (speaker, interconnect, power) You can make pure silver interconnects for cheap
- Tube amps and preamps

I’m not saying you are going to be the next Thiel or Wilson, but making stuff can be satisfying in a way merely spending money never can be.

A couple of years ago my wife and I made Skyline style wood diffusers using mathematical formulas found easily online. With a little creativity in choosing a variety of wood stains we ended up with awesome looking pieces that for modest cost provide good sonic benefit and have been called art by more than a few visitors. Pics on my system page, "Austin City Limits". Cheers,
My home is awash in books. Not enough shelves. Had been planning on building shelves on one end of our TV (and now music too) room before I got my hi-fi system.

So now I’ll build the shelves on either side and a center area for my components. Will spend some time designing that section. My goals are to make it rock sturdy and to allow air movement around the components while making it look consistent with the rest of the room. Not looking into exotic isolation solutions at this point.

(I know between the speakers is not the best location for the component but there are no options, with or without the built ins. The speakers will be out in front a bit.)