Where are you from this Christmas..

Merry Christmas from Thunder Bay ,Ontario ,Canada..
A very merry, merry Christmas from way Down Under, just south of Perth in sunny Australia (west coast). Man these flies must know its Christmas day too--they are out in force!!

cheers to all us audionuts who are weird enough to be on the 'Gon on Christmas day!
Merry Christmas A-goner's & all! Coming to you LIVE from Saginaw (Saggyballz) Texas! (Just N of Ft Worth)
Merry Christmas from St. Louis, MO. My wife went to a late mass, my kids are asleep, and I finally get some time to myself to listen to some Jack Johnson and surf the gon for my future upgrades!
I lift my Mirror Pond in honor to you all!

Here's to another great year of music (clink).

Merry Christmas from Vancouver Washington
Merry Christmas from Gadsden, Alabama (Back home from Atlanta, GA)!!!!

"It's the gift that keeps on giving - the whole year, Clark."
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from another Audiogoner here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Merry Xmas from Bradenton,Fl All i want for Christmas,is a wealthy ,pretty female audiophile!
Merry Xmas from Vereeniging,South Africa,50 miles south of Johannesburg.Perfect summers day,temp= 29*C.

May you all be blessed.Enjoy the day ...
Merry Christmas from frigid phoenix,arizona,sorry today record highs in the 80s.dglinn
*HAPPY HOLIDAYS* from Cleveland, Ohio

Raytheprinter, maybe you could (print, ha) submit a "want-ad" to Audiogon and Santa for your special request ??
It automatically posts a listing when someone responds, maybe with pics !!
* All the best to you and your family, Merry Christmas from
Montville, New Jersey.

BTW Ray, define wealthy!
A rainy Christmas morning here in Chesapeake, VA. Waiting for the wife to finish getting ready so we can be off to the kid's house.......also in Chesapeake. Merry Christmas to all!
LOL,,Rx8man,thats certainly a creative idea! Bigkidz,do you have someone in mind?Did anyone recieve any audio gifts for Christmas?Or,did anyone use Christmas as an excuse to buy themselves something ?
Ray, I don't have a chimney for Santa on my condo, so I had to treat myself to a pair of Definitive Tech. Super Cube II's for my monitors yesterday !!
Post that want-ad or treat yourself !!
Happy Holidays from Sacramento, California.

Ray, here's to hoping you get your Christmas wish. I'm thinking that our esteemed Guvernator must have some ideas as to where you can find your gal. I'll see if I can get ahold of his (not so) little black book.
Anaheim, Ca. Merry Christmas,Happy Kwanza,Happy Chanuka,Happy Boxing day, Happy belated Ramadan
Merry ho ho everyone, from the rain forest of Black Creek on Vancouver Island= CANADA
Merry Christmas from Valley Village (10 mi. north of Los Angeles). Peace to all, everyone, everywhere.
Best of the holidays from Kalamazoo, Michigan, where it is finally starting to snow again. - Tim
A great season and a musical new year to us all, from Portland, Oregon!

Jim Crane
A wonderful Christmas to everyone from sunny and warm Jacksonville, Florida !!
Merry Christmas & happy 06 from the garden spot of the East, Coopersburg, Pa!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Holidays from just south of Calgary, Alberta where its an unseasonally warm 52F outside.