Class d for ht.

I know there are class d haters, so no need to reply.  I'm running 9 channel, fronts is 2 ch bat, which is staying on my totem winds. Looking at 7 ch for 4 ch atmos totem ic82,  surround tribe II and center is Martin Logan cinema which will get replaced by totem next year. Receiver is anthem mrx720 and bluesound for music. I thought about monolith 7 ch for 1600.00, but at 93lbs I really dont want to lug it anymore, getting older. Lol.  Also my music/ht room keeps the heat in.  These are my reasons for class d. I have searched every forum.  At the end of this relentless search its come down to nord and apollon nc252 at $2150.00 7 ch or the apollon as4800 at $3200.00 8 ch.  I'm not sure if the as4800 with 1200as2 is worth the extra 1k and I only need 7 ch. But I will drop 1k extra of it's worth it. Room is 14x24x8.  Does anyone out there have any experience with these amps?  3200 really is my top. Still doing room treatment.  Thank you for any and all advice you may have.  It needs to be class d, room is just to hot even with central ac on. In the winter we keep heat off in this room. Center of the house. 

Thanks Pete 
Those are nice prices for the channels.

My experience with ICEPower is they tend to be warmer sounding and a little less extended at the frequency extremes than nCore. ICEpower is closer to the previous gen Parasound A series in sound quality.

Just FYI, NAD and ATI both make nCore based multi-channel amps as well.
Eric, what ice did you listen to?  I did look at ati, it's just to expensive. Like to see some more class d guys jump in here. 
I'm looking at 1200as2 or going with nc252.  The limit for 7 ch is 3200.00 and I'm pushing that. I have other things I need for this room.
pcc67 I used/will use again ICEpower 250 ASP modules in custom cases. :)

No brand man, just me.
@pcc67 - I hear you on the ATI.  I usually try to steer people towards the ATI offering when they are looking for Class D because they are one of the only vendors that have done a custom design implementation of the nCore amp using full linear power supplies.  The AT527NC is $4195 retail, so I totally understand your budget point of view.  However, that price is the cost to get an nCore implementation that is much better than either Apollon or Nord.

The Nord solutions use the generic NC252 board that has 2-channels and an integrated switching power supply.  It doesn't look like Apollon offers a multi-channel amp (at least not on their website) and I cannot find reference to the AS4800 model you are talking about.
@auxinput, the as4800 is on apollon website under multichannel.  They are using the 1200as2.  Ati is way out of my price range and I need 7ch. I had set my range at 2k and looked at monolith, but for reasons listed above I decided on the nc252 or 1200as2, the later being 1k more but being newer tech and significantly more power.  I'm really maxed out at 3200.  I've already dropped quite a bit this year on equipment.  
I can't believe no one else has used any of these 2 amps. Maybe due to fear of others who dislike class d. I totally get the class a and a/b debate. But the 7 channels are for ht, not music which is left for my Bat amp, which is an excellent amp atleast for me. I almost thought of replacing the bat with the anthem str, but after a/b in home side by side the bat crushed it, in my system. Now I need an amp for ht channels. I've checked out all the competition and in my price range it came down to Nord and Apollon.  Hopefully I will be happy or it will be returned in the 14 day return policy.  I did see the thread which had over 1400 post on class d, but after 2 pages I realized no useful information there, just alot of bickering back and forth which doesn't help anyone. Big egos and lots of nonsense. I does seem some major brands are venturing into class d, I guess they all must be wrong.  Horse and buggy, then Ford manufactured cars, I will keep my car.
I can't believe no one else has used any of these 2 amps.

A'gon tends to be mostly about 2 channel listening. You probably want to try a more HT focused forum to get your answers.

Given these are for surround channels and not primary music listening, why not Classdaudio?   They have a good reputation and you could purchase 2 of their 4 channel amps for under $2000.  Then spend the difference to have your HVAC ducting for the room resized or a booster fan so you a comfortable in your room!

I also made the change to class d for the same reasons in my 11.1 Auro-3d / Atmos system . I'm currently running a Marantz AV8805 along with
2  Class D Audio  SDS-470 4 Channel amps and a SDS-400C 2 channel amp , also a Nuprime STA-9 in mono and it's a fantastic combo .
Unfortunately the evil upgrade monster is back , and I been thinking about trying a L/C/R 3 channel amp and ATI , Apollon are on my list.
I would think about 3 & 4 channel combo instead of a single 7 / ch amp , as the front l/c/r are priority as I'm sure you know .   
I like the Apollan AS3600 as it can be used as a true three mono amplifier. This means it can be a 3 mono blocks design if only channels one, three and five are used. In this case each module is in mono mode and full power is available for each channel.
I would like to try the 1200AS2 , but ATI USA made keeps calling my name !
Maybe try a single  Class D Audio SDS-470 4 Channel , I think you will be surprised...worse case use it for the height speakers and you have flexibility for your front mains . 
Another choice would be a Sunfire 7201.  7 channels, 200 watts per channel, run dead cool, great sounding and on flea bay NIB for $2100.  
While I am throwing out suggestions not asked about, the Wyred 4 Sound MC7150 is 7 channels of Class D, $1299, 120 per channel.  
Like to know what's in the amp and I dont think wyred4sound gave that info. Do to $$$ availability I will either purchase apollon or nord.  I would love to get ati, but  $3200 is my top. I've already increased from 2200.00 and really am maxed. Doing 2k in room treatment.  I just need to know if going to the 1200as2 is work dropping the extra 1k over the nc252.
I recently heard a monoblock Class D set up Wyred4Sound playing here at THE Show. Not bad at all. Ideal for HT.
Reading back to your original post, you indicate that left/right channels are powered by a BAT amp.  I think this amp is going to be on the warmer side, so the ultra-revealing nCore amps from Nord may not be what you want.  They may be too bright sounding in comparison with the BAT.  Just a thought.

Both the Apollon and Wyred 4 Sound appear to use the ICE amps, so I'm going to assume they would sound somewhat similar.  The Apollon use much larger amp boards (S1200) which output 600 watts a channel, while the Wyred 7150 outputs 150 watts per channel.  Based on this and the size of the Apollon power supplies, I would think the Apollon would give more weight in the bass/midbass and more body in the midrange area.  I think it really depends on budget here.