Classe CA-200 and B&W 805N combo??


I'm at a crossroads with my system and its got me pretty frustrated. In the past 6 months, I've purchased a pair of Paradigm studio 100v.2 and a Mccormack DNA-1. For some reason, probably related to speaker positioning, I've been unable to get the bass that I like. I can't place these speakers five feet into my room to get a minimal amount of bass. (See system at: So, I've started to think about getting a pair of moniters and a Rel sub. The sound right now is way too forward. I have to turn the volume up to unacceptable levels to get any bass at all. I've tried everything and I'm at my wits end. I'm ready to sell the Mccormack also, because it also is contributing to the harsh sound. I'm thinking of getting a Classe CA-200.

I'm sorry if this simple sounds like a cry for help. I hate dealing with equipment problems. I just want the music to sound good!

John B
Skip the B&W. Look at Green Mountain Audio, Silverline, Zu, JM Reynaud, Tyler, JM Lab, Gallo, etc. for more speaker at less money. You'll also need less power for most of these speakers which could mean a nice tube amp. Good luck.
I've seen that picture before. Your problem is acoustics and room setup; getting another amp won't help. Nor would getting the smaller 805Ns.

Yeah, but he still won't get mo' betta bass unless he can fix the setup. A sub might help if he can get it balanced.

Of course, we have no idea of what the bass problem really is without some measurements.

Ship what Judy says, she's just a B&W basher. Try the Classe amp. I'm using Classe amps with my N802's and the sound is just awesome. Your Paradigm's are also a favorite of mine and need to get closer to the wall for more bass. You might even be able to keep your Mccormack DNA-1 as it's a fine amp just keep moving the speakers a little closer to the wall until you get the bass you need. Going with all those speakers listed above is not going to solve the problem, you need to try to fix the set up as Kr4 suggested and stay away from speakers with cheap drivers.
Green Mountain Audio, Silverline, Zu, JM Reynaud, Tyler, Gallo, YUK Maybe one should look into a horn speaker like the Avantgarde Trios, double yuk and what an ugly one, LOL
Oregon3 Judy426 could not hear a Gas tanker driving through a nitroglycerin factory. Look at all of his/her threads all she/he ever does is bash B&W. Some people like to believe that
someone who makes speakers in there home can make a better speaker than anyone. I bet Judy426 never goes & listens to REAL music & has no idea what real sound is. No system posted either makes you wonder.And I have four systems listed. I just think this person is jealous & has never put B&W next to some of his obscure speaker companys. There is a reason B&W has won so many awards through the years & patens,innovations unlike (almost) any of the speakers this person lists.
JM Reynauds are a typical french speaker, too dry for me. B&W with classe would be a great combination. I've heard the same setup, but with Signature 805's. Very nice indeed.
The problem is your room, not the equipment.

If you don't have a bigger/better room to move your stereo into, I'd recommend looking into a headphone setup if you want anything closely resembling musicality.
Thanks for your response. I did indeed post a similar question on the Asylum. You had suggested that if I can't quite get the positioning right, that I should look torwords getting monitors and a sub.

I guess that I may try a sub first. Placement is not helping the bass. I've moved them about three to four feet from the wall and no improvment.

Which sub would you suggest I try and, if monitors are appropriate, which ones. Also, I'm going to research how I would go about taking measurements. If you could send me to a website that would help, I would appreciate it.


John B
Are sound treatments such as those offered by Eighth Nerve an option?

We often forget the room is correctable if there is no WAF involved.
No WAF involved. She wants better sound also!!

Room treatments are a posibility. I think I'm going to get a Radio Shack meter and see what is going on. I've been checknig out the Rives Audio site and they have a good test CD I may pick up.

I know that room is hell. (And it usually isn't that messy!) My dog just likes to spread her toys all over the place.

Thasks Upstate. I'll check out the Eighth Nerve. Do you have a website?

Keep the suggestions coming.

For measurements, the cheapest and easiest software, imho, is Room EQ Wizard but it requires a suitable PC + soundcard + microphone. See

Ok. I've had it. Another night of fustrating music listening. I moved the speakers around again. Nothing is working. No bass at all and the treble is cutting through my ears. (Joy Division and PIL on vinyl.) I'm listening to my wifes i-pod to get my music fix.

I'm going away for a week and I'm not sure what I am going to do with the speakers and amp. I've just lost confidence in them. I'll consider doing measurements, but this problem is so extreme that I'm not sure that will help. It sounds so crappy.

Out. Have a great holiday.

>>and the treble is cutting through my ears<<

B&W house sound. Get used to it or sell. It doesn't get any better.
I've used many B&W speakers and never once had a problem with "treble cutting through my ears"; contrary to Judy's redundant (and what has become worthless) advice.
Sorry for the delayed response. Eighth Nerve's website:
B1 thing for sure - your amp is not contributing to harsh sound. I have/had 2 McCormack amps and they never sound harsh. SO look at your set up and speakers.

It can be easy to get frustrated. You have received some execelent advise in the above posts.

Try treating the first reflection points this should help with your trebble problem. You might have some mid bass suckout going on which can be corrected with a variable crossover sub.

Take some measurements and be patience you are already doing your homework.