Cleaning Amplifier & other gears

Category: Amplifiers

What do you use in cleaning the outside of any equipment safely so it looks pristine and in show-room condition?
I found a bath towel after showering is just the right dampness/softness. It does a great job and leaves no residue.May sound funny but works the best for me...
Every time you shower or even boil water you add moisture to your home environment.This helps airborne particles to attach themselves. A slight amount of glass+ with a micro cloth should take care of the finish and the grunge.
I second Avguygeorge in recommending the micro cloth.
I use mine on all my audio gear, including cd's. They are great on all surfaces, and work without cleaning agents or chemicals. Note that there really is a difference between the cheap and costlier ones. The better ones may be bought from some china or jewellery shops.
Is it just called micro cloth or does it have a brand name? Thanks for all your inputs!
Some guys were using swiffer products. You might try a search on that. I have not tried it myself.