Cleaning Amplifier & other gears

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What do you use in cleaning the outside of any equipment safely so it looks pristine and in show-room condition?
A soft cloth lightly dampened with water followed by a soft, dry, lint-free towel for removing the residual moisture and wiping to a bright shine.

I've never seen any need to use anything else. Cleaners can sometime do more harm than good.


I found a bath towel after showering is just the right dampness/softness. It does a great job and leaves no residue.May sound funny but works the best for me...
Every time you shower or even boil water you add moisture to your home environment.This helps airborne particles to attach themselves. A slight amount of glass+ with a micro cloth should take care of the finish and the grunge.
I second Avguygeorge in recommending the micro cloth.
I use mine on all my audio gear, including cd's. They are great on all surfaces, and work without cleaning agents or chemicals. Note that there really is a difference between the cheap and costlier ones. The better ones may be bought from some china or jewellery shops.
I second the recommendation of "Glass Plus" as a great cleaner for components, and anodized faceplates, plexiglass, etc. A small amount on a soft cloth, (don't spray directly on the gear!) and follow with buffing with another soft cloth. (It's not a polish, just a surface cleaner.) It really works to remove fingerprint smears, cigarette smoke residue, accumulated household "dust & dirt" etc. Most importantly, it contains no ammonia, which can cause a permanent discoloration of anodized and other finishes.
Is it just called micro cloth or does it have a brand name? Thanks for all your inputs!
Some guys were using swiffer products. You might try a search on that. I have not tried it myself.
Thorman's recommendation actually has a scientific basis -- which has to do with the small amount of skin oil contained in his bath towel, which provides a microscopic layer of "gloss".

A little better technique, is to get a towel or clean rag, soak it with water (filtered if poss.) and while it's still soppy, spray it with just a puff or two of automotive silicon spray. Then wring it out well and clean the equipment. This is especially effective on black anodized aluminum.

If something is really dirty, first clean it with a rag or towel dampened with a solution of filtered water 20 parts to pure household ammonia (1 part) and 98% alcohol (5 - 10 parts) works great -- on windows too! (This is like Windex, but without the detergents and additives.)

If the "windex" formula doesn't get it, my "solvent of last resort" is Ronsonal Lighter Fluid, which is pure naptha same as used by dry cleaners.
has anyone ever used a deoxidizer spray to clean the pots and inputs on a solid state amp? does this work well. i was told this would get ride of the static noise im getting. no wires or other electrical components are shorted in anyway.
perfectdrug83, if you're referring to a product like Caig deOxit, yes that's great stuff.