Clearaudio Turntables

Can anyone tell me how a Clearaudio Ambient turntable compares to a Clearaudio Ovation as far as performance and SQ.

I auditioned and almost bought the Ambient a number of years ago.  It is a beautiful table but was over my budget at the time.  I currently own the Ovation which I purchased about 5 years ago.  A wonderful table as well.  Its been quite a while since listening to the Ambient so your testing my memory a bit.  However I think you'll find that the tables with the same arms will sound very similar, with the Ovation probably having a little better bass and possibly being a little bit more dynamic.  The biggest difference will be which arm you use.  With either table I'd highly recommend upgrading the arm.  I use the Universal on my Ovation which was a big step up in overall SQ.
Definitely stay away from the magnetic arm that came bundled with the Ovation until recently. I believe they've dumped that and now bundle the new "Tracer" arm with rigid bearings, which I'd expect to be a big improvement. The upgrade to a Universal 9" is also an excellent option, depending on cartridge (should be good with most MC's, but is not good for a Koetsu stone body). 

I auditioned an Ovation some years ago in my system and it is very nice! The Ortofon Cadenza series makes a good match for the table.
+1 on staying away from the magnetic bearing arms. I had both the Clarify and Magnify and they were problematic, causing excessive woofer pumping. No means of turntable isolation would resolve it. I finally upgraded to the Universal tonearm and it’s the game changer. Bass is incredibly stable and all volume levels. I love my Ovation. It’s a great table and sounds fantastic. I would choose the Tracer or Universal arm for it.

I use a Dynavector DRT XV-1s cartridges with mine. It's an excellent match.

Clearaudio makes some great arms. They also make a few terrible ones, very much like Frank Kuzma. 

"Clearaudio makes some great arms. They also make a few terrible ones, very much like Frank Kuzma. "

I’ve heard this opinion on the Clearaudio arms. Not so much on the Kuzma’s.

I’m interested in the Marantz (Clearaudio made) TT15 and Satisfy arm. Also would love to jump up to a Kuzma Pipe Bomb. Not sure about the Kuzma Unipivot’s...I did hear one on a Woodpecker, and I recall it to have a very laid back sound. Perhaps not as even handed as Franc’s Gimbal bearing arms. However, it was with a Koetsu Rosewood, and that may have been the sound of the cartridge. I must say I quite enjoy my Ref 313 VTA gimbal.

Back to OP.... I have heard the wood versions of their tables ad a bit of body to the sound. I believe that was a dealers opinion on the entry level Concept. I will have to check out the Ambient....I’ve never heard anything about it. Perhaps the Feickert tables would be worth your time. I’m not sure of the price range of these CA models you are considering.

Any views on comparing say a CA Performance DC Wood vs a Freickert Woodpecker?