Clearwave Duet 6 / Usher Audio BE-718 / or...?

I’m looking into getting a different pair of speakers possibly and I saw a pair of Clearwave Duet 6’s that I could swing but after reading about them a bit, I’m worried about how revealing they may be with my mediocre front end (Anthem I-225 Integrated, Dragonfly Red Dac / jitterbug, streaming tidal).  

I then saw a pair of Usher BE-718 tiny dancers for sale in that price range aNd am considering that as well.  I like Beryllium tweeters from what I’ve heard this far.  

I listen to alot of EDM / Techno at louder volumes so these speakers need to keep up dynamically.  I can fill the bottom end with a sub but need them to play loud without cone breakup / distortion/ signs of stress from the drivers.

I’m looking for a clean, open, detailed sound.  I loved a pair of ATC SCM 7’s yhat I had recently but they wouldn’t stay composed in the bass region under the volumes that I’m looking for.  

I replaced them with some Tyler Acoustics D3MX’s with upgraded Morel Tweeters and these sound great in all regards except that I lost a little detail / resolution.

Any other speaker suggestions that use top notch drivers in the under $1300 range would be appreciated as well!
Usher BE-718 use titanium tweeters, not beryllium. This was actually exposed back in 2009 in an investigative piece by Brush Wellman. Because of that journalism Usher had to can their beryllium series and replaced it with the DMD line.
Wow, thanks for that!  I’m glad that I didn’t get those ushers after I found all that out and read more reviews about them and the “be” tweeters not being very good.  Maybe the dmd tweeter but...

So that leaves me with the Clearwaves.  I’m not sure if I’d like the ceramic drivers, or if they would even be a good choice for some of my musical choices.  They are so good looking, and I know that the drivers are expensive and that it has quality parts in the crossovers so thats whats pulling me towards them.

And then there’s the Tyler DXM3’s that I’m listening to right now and they do sound good as well, they are just missing some of that top end sparkle that I’m used to...
It’s not a bad tweeter per se, besides the somewhat limited dispersion due to it being a large-ish (1.25") tweeter. If you want a larger soundstage you probably should opt for something smaller like a 1" tweeter. But the tweeter is perfectly competent. In fact most people’s issue with the BE-718 seems to be the paper woofer is a little muddy at higher SPLs.

If you want clear and open sound, then at your price range I would look at a used pair of KEF R3 or Buchardt S400. Both are very flat in terms of sound power and directivity index and should sound very open and consistent across a wide space. You could also try a pair of Revel M105s with a subwoofer.
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I wanted to update this thread really quick.  So when I put these new (to me) Tyler Acoustics D3MX’s in my system, I also put a brand new (no burn in) Cullen crossover series powercord on my Anhem I-225.  

After 10 hours on the powercord, everything opened up.  The highs came back (almost too much so) and everything came together.  I also bought some Analysis Plus Solo 8’s and everything is golden now!

Now back to the music!!
Makes one think the power cords should be better from.manufacterer of the original amplifier 
The factory power cord was just fine!  The Cullen power cord is just better, after 10 hours...