Combining 2 Channel and HT

I have a HT setup in one room based on a Rotel receiver and Paradigm studio 60v3s. Due to a LR redesign, I am movng my 2 channel system (ARC 100.2, LS15, Ikemi and B&W 802 Matrix IIIs) into the room with the HT set up. Obviously I have too many speakers and need to figure out how to combine this system for both audio and TV.

How would you deal with this situation? Sell everything and start fresh? Or can I somehow combine the receiver for surround sound without compromising the quality of the 2 channel system? As far as the speakers go, I will have to see how the Paradigm center matches with the 802s, assuming I keep them instead of the Paradigms.
Assuming the HT receiver has L/R pre outputs, you can simply drive FL/FR from the receiver through the 2CH pre & downstream to the ARC amp & 802s. Establish a reference volume level for the pre to use when in HT mode. Setup the HT receiver (as a master volume control) to match all channels to the reference pre volume setting. Continue to feed your 2CH sources directly to the pre. If you're like many 2CH audiophiles you will be happy with a modest compromise in unmatched components in HT mode.
There have been several threads here on audiogon on this very topic and most of the arguments/suggestions already expounded.

Do NOT use a free standing TV. Even getting the speakers a healthy distance out from the wall (4') is not enough to eliminate its deletrious effects on both frequency response (I picked up some high-harshness and bass anomalies the last time I tried a RPTV) and sound stage.

Stick to front-projection, flat screens, or TVs recessed into the wall.
dgarretson's suggestion is the way to go. I route my cambridge audio receiver fl/fr output to my sonic frontiers preamp and amp. Speakers are AAD 2001 monitors for fl/fr, with (obviously mismatched) Def Tech center, rear and subwoofer. Listening to "white noise" I hear the disparity in tone between fl/fr and center speakers, but when viewing a movie I really don't. BTW, some people wonder whether it hurts their 5 channel receiver (or amp) if they utilize just 3 channels. It doesn't. Cheers, Ben
I see... connect the Rotel's pre outs for the FL/FR to the LS15/100.2 and use three of its amps to run the center and surrounds. Your right, I'm not so fussy when it comes to HT so the mismatch shouldn't be a problem for me.

It will be curious to see how the Paradigms match up to the old B&Ws.