Comfortable by good sounding headphones?

Due to lifestyle I listen to my main system only on weekends but I find myself wanting to listen weekdays at night. Purchased a pair of Grado 325 phones and Melos SHA 1 headphone amp. The amp is exceptional but I find myself only listening for an hour or so because of ear fatigue with the Grados. I like the sound of the Grados but really don't care for the fit. Thinking about the Sennheiser 600 or 650 but with their more open design not sure if the music could be heard by others( I listen at normal volumns) and concerened about comfort. Any comments or suggestions for other headphones appreciated.
I really have to start reading my posts before sending them. Of course I meant " Comfortable but good sounding headphones"
I really enjoy Beyerdynamics DT-831's. You could also post this question at .
That was my criteria too 20 years ago when I've purchased my AKG K340. A closed design with a electostatic and dynamic drivers with multiple passive radiators, 400 ohms, (other specs at home, I still have the 1984 & '85 brochures). Purchase a (used) second pair just a few weeks ago. The Stax at that time felt like my head was in a c-clamp.
I own both the HD-650s and the AKG K340s. Both are comfortable. HDs are open and can be heard at a distance. They are a very good can but quite a bit more expensive than the K340s.
The 600's, and I assume the 650's, are very comfortable. I purchased a pair earlier this year and was surprised to find that I can listen to mine for 3-5 hours at a time with no ergonomic issues whatever, even while wearing glasses and working. I have also never experienced any ear fatigue, and am reasonably sensitive in that respect. They can be heard by others though at normal volumes in a quiet room.

If the latter is an issue, Shure's top of the line in-ear model is getting good reviews for sound quality, though I have not read anything about comfort.


Any significant difference between the Senn 600's with a Cardas cable and the new 650's?