Community radio station

I volunteer on a local community radio station (no commercials) and have a show called Deep Cuts.  You can connect  your phone or tablet to your stereo or blue tooth speaker  for an hour of music at 9:00 PM every Friday night (eastern time), or at 6:00 AM every Monday  morning for an hour of “deep” album cuts.  You can listen online at 

I play music from the 1960’s through today.  You will be familiar with most of the artists, but I also play music from artists you may not be as familiar with.  I also will play different versions of familiar songs, and perhaps some long forgotten songs.  I also try to give some comments about the songs, so maybe you might learn something as a bonus😀. Plus….no commercials!

This Friday’s show will have music from Van  Morrison, Linkin Park, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, and more.  You will probably not hear these songs on any other radio station..  Just hit listen live arrow!  Or you can listen at a later time (see below).

Or you can use any radio app such as the TuneIn radio,, or the Radio Garden app.  

If you can’t listen live, you can still listen to it online at a later time by typing in 3/1/24 and 9:00 pm, or 3/4/24 and 6:00 AM immediately below the listen live section, where it says ark player.  

Connect your phone to your Bluetooth speaker or stereo system, turn the volume up,  and enjoy the music!   If there is something you would like me to play, you can always email me at


TuneIn is adding there own stinkin’ commercials starting on LMS.

It’s all talk now (10 CST) anyway.

I've always wanted to have a radio show. You'd hear everythin from Grady Martin to Captain Beefheart. No commercials, I like that concept!!

Yes, I get to play whatever I want. No commercials.    Check the show out when you have an hour. 😁