Comparison between Belles 350A Ref and Modwright 150SE

Hi all - I own a Belles 350A ref with Modright Anniversary pre. Wondering if anybody has compared this amp with Modwright 150SE? I'm curious if synergy with matching pre would make a difference. Looking for opinions of owners of these since finding one to demo is fairly impossible these days. Thanks in advance. 
While I haven’t heard the Modwright, I did own a 350a Ref.
I felt the Belles, while very powerful, had a somewhat clouded midrange, and laid back top end. Then one day, playing at a moderate volume, the 350a turned itself into an arc welder.....full on flaming meltdown.
I called and spoke to Belles. Zero support, no boards or parts available. Not even a "sorry to hear about that", not much of a response at all. Just, "nope, we don’t have boards or parts, buy a new amp". Not bashing Belles at all, just relaying my story.
I much prefer "the McCormack sound" of a standard DNA 125, and even better, a Platinum upgraded 125. Much cleaner, clearer(?) sound, but granted, not the immense power reserve of the Belles.
Thanks for the response, sorry you had such a bad experience. So far, so good with my own Belles and a friend of mine has been running one for years. Only problem he ever had was the power switch wearing out. Had a McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe for a little bit. Wasn't crazy about it, though maybe it was a bad match wth the Herron pre I was running. Then again, the Herron didn't wow me either, despite all the glowing reviews. 

I have run a 350a for 10 years with perfect play......Only thing that needs a fix in on off switch... Dave is a great guy and he will repair any of his gear at low price..

I do not think he would ignore problems............