Component placement for open baffles?

Hey folks,

If I understand correctly, traditional box speakers radiate mostly forward, while panel and open baffle speakers radiate in a figure 8 pattern to the front and rear.

I also understand that open baffle speakers radiate far less to the left and right than do box speakers. 

Does that mean that component placement (a multi shelf rack) in between open baffles would have less of a negative affect sonically vs box speakers?

Thought I should ask around before experimenting from a wrong location to begin with. Much more time and effort moving the rack vs the speakers!

Also, I have read in several places that some people arrange their open baffles as close as half a foot from their corresponding side walls with no toe in. I just moved my open baffles to be exactly half a foot from the side walls so jury is still out on improvements, etc.

One thing I can notice is that the sound is different in many ways. Mostly in terms of sound stage and imagery. Still getting used to and enjoying the open baffle experience. 

Thanks and happy listening everyone!




That's about how I do my planars too @coralkong. Speakers 5' from the front wall, equipment racks about a foot away from the wall, their front edges about 2.5' behind the speakers. 

IMHE, open baffles and planars still will benefit from removing the rack from between the speakers. Yes most of the output is directly forward and back, freeing you from the side wall reflections you get with dynamic speakers. But planars and open baffles generate plenty of backward energy. Diffusion in the center can often be beneficial. Absorption behind the speaker on the front wall is mostly a basic requirement to get the best performance that you paid for. Cheers,


My open baffle speakers are designed for near-wall placement it depends on the overall design. I think it's a poor use of space to have loudspeakers pulled so far out into a room to function. It also greatly reduces any low bass. Feel one would be better off with a larger speaker if you can devote so much room space to house an OB or planar design.


@johnk what open baffles are designed for near-wall placement? Any idea what the idea is with what happens to the rearward energy? Does the manuf suggest a ton of absorption behind them?

Would enjoy seeing you post a system page with pics. Cheers,


I design loudspeakers I use the back wave to load the room with low bass pressure as a back-loaded horn would. My OB system is 2:32 in.