Connecting USB streamer server to I2s RJ45 input of DAC?

Can this be done successfully with an adapter like this ? Or is there more required? Thanks



That doesn’t look like it outputs an I2S signal. Since there’s no set I2S standard I’m finding it’s not easy to know if an converter will be compatible with your DAC.  I’ve unfortunately been down that road and have decided to eventually go with something like this that’s more likely to work and also sound better.  If anyone knows of a cheaper quality option to convert USB to I2S I’m all ears.

Thanks @soix 

I was kind of expecting that. I have found a Sonnet Morpheus Dac which has the RJ45 I2s rather than the USB. I was leaning towards an Aurender streamer but they mostly have USB.

I'm glad you told me of the lack of standard for the I2s as well. If I understand correctly even a streamer with an I2s output won't necessarily be compatible. I believe Sonnet has planned to use the I2s with their streamer which is a Roon end point only (I think)

Nice DAC.  Yeah, if you want to be sure any I2S source will work with your DAC it’s best to forward the pin configuration to your DAC manufacturer and they’ll be able to tell you if it’ll work.  It’s bit of a PITA not having a standard, but it seems worth the effort given the potential benefits of I2S.  Plus, it’s kind of a shame to have that option available on a DAC and not take advantage of it. 

@artemus_5 Hi, USB and I2S have different protocols so that adapter will not work if you want to input I2S into your DAC.

What you need is a USB to I2s converter. I use a LKS 100 into my Musetec 005 DAC. It's inexpensive but really performs. You need a RJ45/Ethernet cable  0.5m or less, 0.2m would be optimal because the signal strength is very low, 300mV I believe.

Thanks guys. I have a streamer / dac combo now which sounds very good when it works. Too many problems, too much frustration. I was hoping that the aurender would simplify things. I can use the Dac in my Teac NT505 but I'm not sure the aurender will work with the  Dac due to the need of a particular USB driver which is necessary to tun the USB.

My frustration level with the complexities of trying to stream my own library is very high. It would be easy just to forget streaming altogether

What are your problems with streamer to DAC?

FWIW, I use USB with all of my DAC's/streamers and have never had issues that made me tear out my hair.

Perhaps if you listed your equipment, or PM'd me, I/we could help. Streaming is pretty new, so things can get messed up easily.



Thanks for your offer and I may surely take you up on it. The system is listed and my streamer is a Teac NT505. At this point I am quite put out by the thing to the point that i find it hard to even want to deal with it. Thus I was considering a whole new direction with the aurender ans Sonnet. However I did talk to a vendor today about a server. He said I need to run a n Ethernet wire to the Teac from, the router and discard the WiFi extender. And that may be the problem I’ve been considering that along with connecting a laptop directly to the rear USB port and trying it. But as I say, I’m kinda burnt out on this thing. But I need to do these things and see what happens. It should be a very good machine according to specs, etc. Sounds good when it has played. Its also Roon ready but I don't like renting things.

But anyway The Teac is wired Ethernet to the extender which is nearby. Computer with library is in my office. 200mbps internet speed and a top tier Linksys router WRT1900 acs which is a gigabit router.

FWIW I have been computing since 1991 and setting up audio gear since late 60’s. I am not that strong on netwoeks though and have never had the issues I’ve had with this.



Sorry to hear about your problems. You have such a great system. I am a big advocate of Aurender. I highly recommend you switch. With Aurender I just plugged my two Aurenders into my wall wart extenders… logged on to it with my iPad. No glitches, hiccups or difficulty at all. This is why you buy a separate streamer. Just like a preamp or Phonostage.

PM me if you want to talk offline. This kind of frustration should be left to the computer world. I just turn on my streamer… choose an album and listen… like my vinyl, or a CD. With the same fidelity.

+1 Aurender, it never skips a beat. I use mine with the USB/12s converter box.



The NT-505 will work just fine with a WiFi extender providing the extender is getting a clean and constant signal from your router which based on your photos and comments is in another room.  How far away from the router is the extender and in what direction.  Also how many walls are between the router and extender?  If the extender is not getting a clean and constant signal from the router is won't matter which brand of streamer you replace it with.  I ran an NT-505 for over three years in two different rooms with an extender but in both cases the extender had a reasonable line of sight to the router.  Ultimately your only clean solution may be to pay someone to run a line from the room where your router is to behind your audio gear with wall jacks on both ends. 

Also if you want to use a DDC to convert and output from a streamer to a DAC then you need to buy a DAC with a standard I2s input like Denafrips, Holo and others and not RJ45 as that is likely proprietary to Sonnet.

The WiFi extender for my system is located the floor below my router and on the opposite side of the house… so I am thinking 55’ horizontally or so. Works flawlessly.

@gdnrbob Yes I have updated the firmware.

@ghdprentice Thanks for your kind offer . I may very well take you up on it

@jackd et al

My router is about 50 ft from the streamer There is a stairwell between the office which houses computer and router and the DR/ LR where my system is located on the far wall. My TV & Roku are also there and I have no trouble streaming with the Roku. Nonetheless, I am planning to run a Cat 8 line from the router to the streamer and see what happens. I can run it along the floor for the time to see if that works and then transfer it under the house if it does. I’ve also thought about trying to move the router to the top of the hutch in the DR which is on the other side of the stairwell just to center it up better in the house. But I get coverage all over the house as it is now. So, it I do understand your concerns The vendor I talked to also made mention that the extenders are unreliable and often have a different net extension which mine does. IOW looking at the network map you see the name of the network. Then one that states name and guest. The extender is the name _EXT which makes me wonder if the Teac sees these as 2 different addresses?

I know Roon is the big kid on the block now and pushed by vendors but I really don’t want to rent a software and the $700 price tag is quite high as well. I don’t mind paying for a decent software but Roon is Not in my plans at least right now. J River is supposedly good but that is another step for later IIUC

I think running the direct ethernet line should be the first thing you do.

Then you can start ruling out other issues. Even if the Roku works, the wireless connection can cause issues. Most times it works great, but occasionally things get screwed up.


Another option that will solve your problem is to try switching from your current router extender setup to a 3 unit WiFi 6 mesh unit from Amazon.  That way you will have 30 days to see if it resolves your issues.  You just need to make sure that you're not putting the mesh units or your current extender behind other electrical equipment. as that will result in intermittent interference.




Thanks. Got the cable ordered


That is something I have been considering especially considering the extenders inabilities. Though I have a top tier router. Its at the end of my house which is 66 ft long. I've s been concerned with its location ever since I started streaming with Roku, even though it does well. I would suspect that I would not need the hard wire from the router but from the access point nearby. Is that correct?