Contact -enhancer, fuses - NOS 1260 High fidelity audio cables

My friend bought a  bit what seems a bit pricy, but I split the cost ,and without question this very special blend is far more powerful then I thought ,I expected a small change but just letting it play for several days a profound improvement, I took two pair of wire wire eclipse cables one treated one not , , as well as fuses 
and then removed , my brother changed them not mentioning which ones ,only 1 sets time needed for integrated amp 
a sizable increase in resolution and image depth , soundstage too was wider as well as deeper .I 
waited a couple hours in between , the fuses synergistic orange , they too were very much improved .
I am going to let them seat  in another 100 Hours at least .I still have not done the power cord, or speaker cables yet . I am very impressed. I was very much a skeptic, since I already have been using 
stabilant 22 which I thought was respectable increase in fidelity . Before making any type of opinion 
it’s well worth trying ,I was told in a week they are coming out with 1/2 size bottles for $349 which will do several audio systems, a light application goes a long way and IMO a noticeable increase in fidelity 
for minimal cost.
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I have been into Audio over 40 years and when I see fuses $160-260 each 
per fuse  in all honesty ,this sonic enhancer is actually a very good value per dollar spent and it is not even close to full Runin yet. I will reserve my full evaluation for another 2 weeks 
but a very noticeable improvement already . My brother has a very expensive reference system ,and am very skeptical about many audio claims . If you do your audio system with this 1260 system enhancer and give it a few weeks to settle in ,you  will hear the increase in resolution and musicality.I was using Furutech nano fluid ,this is much better, I won’t  say anything more until have another 200 hours and finish treating all the system cables.
Thank you for posting this. I've seen many opinions on the 1260 enhancer but only 2 from people who have actually used it, & they were both impressed. 
The 1260 enhancer is worth every cent of it.The changes that you get from it are just amazing good. 
Great I may jump on it as soon as I get sat least 10% off as paying full list is very sad.
For the record this enhancer is Amazing , we have been doing blind testing and 
I don’t even have  150 hours of the ,300 hours to fully settled in .
Just to experiment I took out my Great Amperex D getter foil strip 12ax7 tubes one of the best tubes ever made and put the cheap Russian tungsol copies that are not even in the same ball park. But just having this 1260 in the system totally transforms my system  with not just better  detailing or soundstaging  
but Realism more depth of image with true dimension to the performance ,and I have not even treated the tube pins yet on my  prized  Amperex tubes ,
but on the average at best Russian  tubes ,this enhancer made them noticably better still ,for  we compared the same tubes without treating the pins . For $349:
you can do your whole system including all power cords and at least another full system . In truth if  some of these guys are that cheap for this type of  transformation they they will never hear what their system is truly capable of ,and I still have a solid 150 hours to go in refinement. I will follow this up in a week .
I was told smaller 1/2 bottles will be out in a week or so for $349. I went half on a full bottle and this even made my Synergistic 🍊 fuses better,which I didnot think was possible just a great product period 👍
I totally agree with you  guys who have used this stuff . I went in with 2 friends . I only have a moderate audio system under $10k including cables. I am new in this forum ,for the record.
not having Big bucks I look for any quality treats or high value products ,this 1260 system enhancer was like upgrading all my cables,I have  around 200 hours now with this treatment after spending an hour cleaning all my connections including power cords with isopropyl alcohol. I first treated stock fuses for 4 days before doing anything else ,I could not believe itwas a clear sonic upgrade throughout my system ,myself  buddies listened then removed the treatment ,it took2 seconds , after that I did my whole system around 3 weeks now , I have a Rogue Cronus magnum tube integrated ,and the tubes sound much more 3D is by far the best sonic improvement I have ever
encountered.the Furutech nano fluid was a solid improvement
but not even close system sounds like I spent at least $2k  in cable upgrades alone.Its a  true bargain  ,just 1 aftermarket fuse is. Well over $100 and to be able  to treat the whole system is money very well spend IMO !
If they did as I am sure they did and replicated (as best they can) what Tim was doing then everything you guys are saying makes total sense. I have four tubes of this stuff coating everything from my entire breaker panel all the way along the AC wires, step down transformer, conditioner (are you getting the picture?) power cords, coatings inside every component including the Moabs, all the internal wires, crossovers and drivers. 

Eventually maybe someone else will figure out one reason Synergistic Fuses and AC outlets are so good, they all have a little dab of the same gray looking goop. Huh. Imagine that. 

There is a revolution going on, and while others cannot even get their minds around the reality of things like wire being directional and fuses mattering, things like this are redefining the meaning of what is the signal, anyway?

Glad to see a few more catching on. 

If you like what you've heard so far, try coating the crossover and internal speaker wires. 
Hi...Sorry, if it is a wrong thread to ask...Has anyone bought HFC power conditioner (orchestral or pro) and pro series double helix power/speaker cables? Are The power conditioners are much better than cables in terms of sound quality? If yes, how much percentage it might be better? For example, orchestral helix power conditioner and pro double helix signature power cord is same price. Want to understand which one to buy first to get max sound quality. Thanks.

I tried to get these answers from High Fidelity on this product to no avail.

So if anyone can answer these questions, I would appreciate it.

1. When it is applied, do you have to let it dry before inserting it?

2. What happens if you disconnect the connector, is it scrapped off and need to be reapplied.?

3. After a period of time does it need to be removed and reapplied?

4. Does the balance unused go stale? In other words is there a shelve life?

5. Is it a paste or a liquid?


Will see how good in a year like Walker silver that turned out to be pure crap.Good luck.
The stuff works well , I spoke with 2 guys who were doing test trials.roughly 10 months ago and still holding up  well.
you apply right a way ,just a thin coat it has a little brush ,I prefer small foam swabs , on just the male rca 40% the length. , all blades of AC ,and IEC 
and on all speaker connectors, fuses and tube pins. It’s dark so you can see when covered. ,if you remove ,a cable just reapply. It takes awhile for it to dry 
about 300 hours before it is fully settled in .
Are you sure you can use this on tube pins? Most if not all other contact enhancement products do not work on tube pins, due to extreme heat. Other than that, sound great!
Here is the reply I received today from Hi Fidelity

"No it does not dry its liquid form only and replications are really at your discretion and really only of you remove and insert a new different cable or repeatedly remove a cable for some reason. The material is mostly nano based so it should stay quite well and not need a reapplication if just unplugging and plugging back in. That said some people choose to reapply anyway I often do myself. BTW it does go a long way so reapplication is not an issue as far as expense reapplications are relatively inexpensive (material used minimal) they seam beneficial and easy to do so I do it myself even if I lily don’t have to. Does that help?"


@ozzy     If what you posted is really his verbatim reply then all I can say is that I hope the product is a whole lot more accomplished than his English skills.
Yes, that is as he replied to me. Sometimes phones and messaging gets away, I understand his intent. Heck, I think I may have screwed up a post or two...

I am still not sure about shelve life on any unused portion. And, if it turns bad in time after it is applied like some of the other pastes did.

 A new reply from Rick on my query.

"shelf life is about 20 years, after that it could discolor a little bit as the polymers can fog but still work as well I am told by the chemists and there is a possibility of separation of the nano materials in any product like this that might require for you to shake or mix it after storage for a longer period of time."

So it sounds like he is pretty confident in the product, I may have try some.

And the answer to the tube pins is a For Sure ,if you read my first comments I compared standard vs treated pins and after about 4-5 days it was a easy to hear upgrade once  the nano particles  start seating in the pours of the metal it just gets  better up to about 300 hours. This too applies to power cords as well as all other cables including usb contacts a thin coat using a small foam swab. It is money Very well spent ,several of my Audio buddies are having the same results.
Its not a enhancer , it’s a system upgrade, IMO.
👍 Alex ,just make sure you coat it so no metal is showing , and I completely covered ac blades on power cords  ,and iec , all bananas spades , and thin coat on all vacuum tube pins , on RCA just the make center pin 50% the length.
land on usb and ethernet cable contacts , this stuff really works 
my first coat was too then once I found out from buddies that the applied area being a dark brown should  cover well.thin coat but not too thin. I found it better to do everything st once instead of one  wire at a time .
within a day very easy and just gets better over a couple weeks. 
I was apprehensive buying a half bottle but I’m glad I did. After applying there was a darkness that affected the highs and flattened the dynamics a bit...after several hours things did indeed improve in areas of soundstage, reduction of harshness. Over the next days that effect only increased...NPS-1260 works as advertised.
There is a cheaper solution: Mad Scientist Audio Graphene Contact Enhancer ( Works a charm for a fraction of the cost. Only inconvenience is long shipping time from NZ.
I have tried the Mad Scientist enhancer, and was not impressed. I also tried the original Contact enhancer and then the TPC and again not impressed. I actually had arching on my breaker where I applied the TPC.

At this point, I am really on the fence about trying more goop. It can be a pain cleaning it off and then there is the cost...
I really like keeping the connectors clean. However, I do use Stabilant 22.

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sounds like a case of overdosing: this needs to be applied in absolutely minimal amounts. If you had arching, you most likely put on too much.

In my case the result was outstanding, particularly on tube sockets and fuses and -holders
I have had the mad scientist Graphene ,it’s not in the same league as the1260-3D 
enhancer , soundstage and image depth is what adds to the increase in resolution. That’s where it separates from the competition.
Got mine today and only pasted the Power cords.  Yes, I definitely heard a difference and resolution, soundstage which appeal to me even at lower volumes. I imagine it will get better as more hours are placed on it. Next job is to clean and paste to all RCA connectors and speaker cables.
One caveat is that I was a fan also of PPT products but unfortunately I ran out so this is the next best alternative.
Ok, once again I took one for the team and ordered a bottle.
With this stuff, I will be very cautious and frugal.

So willgolf, are you gonna paste your whole system or do one cable at a time?

How do I know that the guy who wrote the article isn’t in bed with the guy selling the stuff?
Hello Ray ,thst is grasping at straws ,thst statement can apply to Any and every new product out there . For $349  thst is very low risk .
2 Audiophile fuses alone are over $300.
Quick question:
After applying the stuff do you wait until it dries before insertion?

No. You can reconnect while still wet.  As a matter of fact I believe it’s designed to work this way. 
I reconnected all mine right after applying 1260. Did not put on  real heavy  very light coat and not the full length of the prong. Worked great

Thanks cimanera, 68pete.
Did you do your whole system at once or in stages?

Hi ozzy
I just did the speaker end of my speaker cables first. Just a thin coat on both sides not even covering the whole spade. Want to be able to get it off the speaker spade if i did not like it. With in 4 hours of listing time i was applying more to the power cables. I was told the thicker the coat the longer the break in time. I will and have gone back to add more to the power cords prongs, i liked what it did their too.
Go slow you can always add more. Each time you add some over the old it will take time to break in. Do not put it on sloppy, spider web between prongs on power cords. My 1260 is on to stay.
If you need to remove it just wipe off with a piece of paper towel , and a foam swab  moist from isopropyl alcohol. Very easy.
Just applied to my entire system: power cords, speaker cables, IC's, Digital cables, fuses, etc. 
Can't say I'm blown away, in fact hard to detect much of a difference. I'll report back after a few weeks.
I have applied it to 3 power cords, phono cartridge prongs, & one interconnect. Taking it slow. Nice results though. 
Ok thanks it sounds like it can be removed easily.
What I am concerned though is the lessening of upper frequencies that some have reported with this product. Have any experienced this?

It is a bit darker when first applied, but after a few days everything sounds 
more cohesive. And gets better over a 200 hour period .
What may be perceived as a damping of higher frequencies is actually a reduction in harshness as a result of reduced interference.
Like others here have experienced, when first applied (it does not dry-it never “dries”, apply it then plug it) there is a period where the sound “goes dark” and the higher frequencies become slightly muted. Some dynamics seemed to be softened. 
IN MY SYSTEM the volume was slightly affected as a result but it didn’t last very long. By the end of day one dynamics were close to baseline. After day two the treble issues lessened substantially.
What seemed to be occurring through this break-in was a different quality to the spatial character within the soundstage. I was noticing a more coherent portrayal of instrumentation; a “fullness”
of the overall sonic presentation.

When the higher frequencies came together, a reduction in “harshness” was evident. Less strident? Less “glare”? Just sweeter, easy to listen to. 
What I also am noticing that with low volume listening, I am still hearing these 3D enhancements to the soundstage which weren’t apparent prior to using NPS-1260.
Overall in my system this stuff works great. If any other users here have experienced the same or different using NPS-1260 please let us know...

Update: Ok guys this stuff works. The first day I thought it was a scam after initial application I was hugely disappointed. Today on my second listen everything opened up with a massive soundstage, improved dynamics, and 3D like presentation. Not sure why there is burn period but this is one of the better tweaks on the market.