Cost is no object is easy, but....

If you had a budget of $10,000 to build a single source (CD, SACD, Analog etc.) two channel system with used or new products what products would get your vote. My vote is:

BAT VKD5 ($2,000 used)
2 Harmonic Tech Pro Sil II ($500 used)
Cat SL1 MKIII ($2,000 used)
AR VT100 MKII ($2,100 used)
Cardas Neutral Reference ($400 used)
Audio Physic Vergo ($2500 used)
9 Black Diamond Racing Cones ($500 new).
Sorry one change, I forgot about the power source and cords. I would replace the BAT VKD5 with the Sony XA7ES ($1200 used) and add 2 Syn Res Master Couplers ($300 used) and Audio Power Wedge Ultra 114 ($400 used).
Nice system, but I would also change the BAT, although I like it, for the Sony SCD-777. It is wonderful with PCM and you also get SACD. You can also buy it new for $1600 (if you can still find one) and have money to buy more important things like MUSIC!!!

*analogue system*

Roksan Xerxes X turntable (3000)
Roksan Tabriz arm (750)
Dynavector 10X4II cartridge (375)
Exposure XIII phono stage (1450)
Exposure XV integrated(1550)
Neat Critique speakers(1000)
47Labs Stratos OTA cable/ic kit(600)
equipment support& speaker stands,VPI HW16.5 cleaning machine(1300)

*alternate CD based system*
47Labs Flatfish(3600)
Roksan Caspian integrated(1600)
Roksan Caspian power amplifier(1100)
Neat Mystique(1700)
47Labs Stratos OTA cable/ic kit(600)
equipment supports,(2)power cords(1300)

Jtinn you're right, the SCD-777 is a better choice, I didn't think of it.

Ken I the fabric tweeter on the Neat speakers is supposed to be excellent, although I've never heard it myself. Also, I've never heard of 47Labs, do they have a web site?
Hi Delancy; it appears to me that some of your "used" prices are very optimistic, eg I think the VT100 MK II would realistically be more like $3000, and the Virgos also more expensive.>BR< I would put together a system based around a a McCormack amp Rev. A, Sonic Frontiers pre-amp, and Vand. 3A speakers. Cheers. Craig
My take on this:

I own both the VKD5 and SCD777ES, You'll have to get your priorities straight as the VKD5 smokes the 777 on redbook playback. what's it going to be, start over with SACD, or enjoy your (possibly) sizeable redbook collection.

Fortunately I'm able to keep both!

Sony never has and never will make a palyer that comes even close to the BAT.
I agree, the BAT is in a league of it's own. It was my first choice over Meridian 508.24 and Audio Research CD-2 both around the same price used. However, I thought the power cords and power conditioner with the lesser CD player would yield a better overall sound.

If you want to keep the BAT, what would you change? Maybe there is no need for power cords and line conditioning. Also, isolation with BDR could be removed. But in my experience, power source, power cords and isolation are essential for good sound.
melos ma333r/music director linestage - ($1.8k)

two electrocompaniet aw60's (for bi-amping) - ($1k)

newform research nhb645 - ($2.4k)

aragon 47k fono-stage - ($300)

updated oracle 'table w/origin-live dc-motor/o-l rega rb250 - ($1800)

ortofon mc-25fl - ($200)

subwoofer system w/a pair of vmps larger subs, marchand xm9-deluxe x-over, & the best cheap used s/s amp ewe can find (get the marchand x-over in the 3-way wersion for active x-over of the newforms)- ($2k)

this leaves only $500 for cabling, so bust the budget or get decent used inexpensive cabling like tara labs quantum iv i/c's & tara labs rsc prime 1000 speaker cabling.

happy listening! ;~) doug s.

This is a question near and dear to my heart as an Audiogon shopper.  Here is a set of components that I have personally purchased on this site (or US Audio Mart) at the prices set forth below, which I would confidently put up against anything above (on the digital side):

Cat JL-1 Amps ($4k)
Audio Synthesis Passion Passive Preamp ($500)
Merlin VSM-M Millennium (filter network set for tubes) ($2k)
CEC TL-1X ($2.2k)
Dodson DA-217 Mk2D ($1.3k)

Throw in some Kimber PBJ and 8TC cables and a Monster HTS-2000 power conditioner, and you are good to go.  If you don't like the digital setup, you can pick up an MBL 1531 CD player right now on Audiogon for $3500.  If you add another $1k to the budget, you can pick up an Audio Consulting Silver Rock TVC, and the system can easily compete with systems costing $75k or more.

Will post my analogue system shortly.

I have owned a lot of transports, dacs, preamps, amps(both tube and SS) and speakers over the decades

I own a Oppo 105, which plays all common disc media. I used it for SACD/DVD-A exclusively, using a highly moded Pioneer PD 65 with outboard PS and various dacs until it finally died about 2 years ago.  This forced me to replace the Pioneerand listen exclusively through the 105 until I bought a Marantz HDCD-1 to use as a transport, but also as a back up for when I was between pre/dacs.

The Marantz is fabulous value connected to the dac in my Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5. Somehow I came across a section on eBay that had a bunch of linear power supplies for the 105, its well known Achilles Heel is the oem power supply. One of the suppliers was smart enough to provide a very nice tutorial complete with lots of photos. He also sold a replacement for the IEC and jumpers to the PS board and a jumper to bypass the 110/220 switch. I started with the jumper: Furutech IEC with pure silver connector to the PS board, and the jumper. I was so shocked at the improvement that I then bought a LPM. In total cost was ~ $350 and my time.

Now, my system is differentially balanced, so I used the XLR outs from the 105 to my amp and took my pre/dac out of the system, and have not bothered to reinstall