Creek and Rega Remote Systems Compatible

This may be well known by others here, but I just found out tonight that my Rega Planar (from my Planet) remote also operates my Creek 5350SE. Not perfectly, but pretty close. Close enough so that I am putting my Creek remote away. It handles volume up, down and mute; and source switching. However, the sources don't match perfectly: Tuner = CD, etc.
Anyway, I thought that this was neat.
I just bought a Creek 5350 SE and found out that it also operates my New Tube 4000 CD (modded Marantz). Pretty neat!
A lot of manufacturers use the Philips RC-5 infrared codes. As a rule: manufacturers who use Philips cd-transports will use RC-5, and since it is cheaper to build one kind of remote, their amps etc. will use the same code. The same principle goes for Sony cd-transports etc.
What's even nicer: I once bought the cheapest Sony cd-player I could find, which had no remote. I already had a universal remote, and feelinf playfull, I programmed it so it could control Sony cd-players. And it worked! Since it is cheaper to build only one kind of model, the Sony was fully compatible with its dearer brothers, so I basically had the more expensive version....