Crossover component upgrade, DUELUND????

I am in the process of researching the components in my Dunlavy IVa speakers and have narrowed my choices down to two companies. I am looking at Mundorf M-CAP SUPREME and M-CAP DILVER FOIL IN OIL caps. I am also looking at Mundorf for the MOX resistors.

The second company I am looking at is Duelund Coherent Audio. They make a GRAPHITE RESISTOR specifically designed for crossovers. They are able to build the resistor specifically to replace my speakers parallel resistor values with one component rather than the 2-4 pieces presently used. This will (somewhat)help offset the very high price point for these resistors. These are sold through Part ConnecXion and factory direct. I have been speaking to the factory and we are also discussing their very different design for capacitors. I am presently waiting to hear back on the cost for the values I require.

While I wait, I was hoping that someone might have some experience with these products. I am very impressed with the design concept behind both the graphite resistors and the flat foil capacitors.

They are supposed to be the best around. I have only experience with their cables myself.
Duelund components are used in Gryphon, and Peak Consult speakers.
Read a review of their caps here:

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Thanks Bambadoo,

I did read the amazing body of work from Humble Homemade! This only made me want more information. I looked on Audio Asylum too, but there is little to read.

Over the weekend I have been in contact with the owner of Duelund, and I must say I am very impressed with the service and attention I am receiving. I sent them a verbal description of my crossover. They came back on Sunday(!) with a crossover diagram. How impressive is that?

I think they now have a good understanding of my components. I am awaiting some idea of what they can do for me with the capacitors. As for the resistors they are able to meet my needs fully, and they prioritised those needs as they saw it. Their priorities were the same as I saw it! This gave me a great deal of comfort in their honesty.

I am still a bit concerned with the cost, but given their honest assessments so far I feel I will discover a solution within my budget. All I know is the description from Humble Homemade gives me the feeling I must have these caps for at least the tweeter. I will keep you informed as to my findings.

I have used Duelund parts throuhout the crossover incredibly good but expensive .On my new speaker the Difinitive technologys Mythos-ST the crossover is a excellent design with rubbish Xover parts . I have found the Jantzen Superior capacitors to be a little better than the Mundorf Supreme,and I also used the Jantzen Silver for the smallest value to throw in a little extra air and
precision to the tweeter, The Duelund are a hair better at 5x the cost. The resistors the Duelund are the Best they just get out of the way of the performance and priced reasonably.
For 6 caps and 8 resistors $250 was a small price to pay for the Huge improvement , please remember on average only 20% actually goes into the electronics you have , with speakers 25%,I worked in Audio sales many years ago
this is a fact this is why for a minimal amount of moneys you can transform your equipment ,and I found a Genius
of a technician that has worked for several electronics and speaker companys with 35 years experience ,far better than any so called Modder I have found .He does not advertise and is allways busy his reputation speaks for itself,I am enjoying every minute of it !!
Duelund graphite resistors blew away Caddock MP820s in my Merlins. Very transparent without stridency after break-in. Claritycap MR is also fine in xover, if you have the space for it. Similar to claims made by Duelund, the MR series is constructed to minimize internal resonance. AFAIK, these are the only two manufacturers making this point.

I'm also making a pass through my xover and am curious what internal wire you plan to use.
I'm curious what the break-in is like for the new Claritycap MR. I have read from one user that it has a very quick break-in compared to other film types. I just tonight replaced a pair of Hovland Musicaps in my preamp outputs with a new pair of these Claritycap MR caps. After a couple of hours, they don't sound too bad, but the mids are a bit recessed compared to the Hovlands.
Claritycap MR took 100 hours or so to relax and open up, after which I installed other upgrades and lost track.
Thanks for the feedback. They only have about 16 hours on them in my preamp and I can already hear an improvement.
Sherod, another explanation for what you are hearing is that in general Hovland caps have a slightly forward midrange.
This may be perfect in the right system or could be a tweak opportunity, if the system's midrange bites.
Very good information here thanks everone for sharing, was wondering if anyone has had any experince with the ampohm caps that Tony Gee just reported on?
I just placed the order and am looking forward to hearing them.
I see I never did finish this discussion. I instead wrote a full review on my crossover modifications. Please check it out at

Pedrillo, keep us informed!
I also just ordered a pair of the polyester-in-oil version to experiment in my tube preamp output couplers. Here's a link of some reviews on the Tubestore site where I purchased my caps:

I was wondering if anyone ever upgraded the inductor in their speaker?? I am considering the duelunds since they have done extensive research in their products. Any thoughts? the speaker merlin vsm, I am doubtful that what's in there is of poor quality so it's a gamble.
Read through the posts on member Dgarretson's system. He has extensively modified his Merlin speakers.