Cullen Cable

Has anyone had any experience with Cullen Cable in the last 3-3 1/2 months? Have been waiting on a couple XLR cables for appx that long. Wanted to order a power chord and RCA interconnects as well...but now i am hesitant.
I’ve haven’t seen any bad reviews for Patrick at Cullen Cables...ones that would indicate that a 3+ month wait isn’t normal. But haven't seen anything that tells me it is either. 
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One would think that Wyred4sound would be liable for the commitments of a company they absorbed unless someone were cunning enough to put in some rider to negate that. Maybe contact Wryed4sound with your purchase info and email coms to see how they respond?

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Patrick shipped out the order today after another email, sounds like he has been way too busy, oh well, it's just cables, hopefully he can catch up with the demand.

I received an email last month, from Patrick, that he and Wyred are now separated as it did not work out. I re-read the email to make sure that I was posting the right thing.

i had reached out earlier to Wyred to split my 6’ cables into 3 and re-terminate. They were pretty good on the response. But looks like Cullen is back.

good to know @milpai 

i thought patrick cullen would work out there as his dad rick does (or did, at least, as of a year or so ago)