Custom Phono interconnect build-out shops or vendors?

I’m interested in having a custom phono interconnect cable built having a 5-pin DIN and either RCA or XLR connectors. Does anyone have recommended custom shops who can handle 1-3 cable build-outs, either here on Audiogon or off-site?
Dave Slagle has been posting about different silver qualities etc. I bet he ( intact audio ) would build you a nice set... hand builds every cable. I wanted an ac cord in a 1.3m length took less than 2 weeks to be delivered.
Celander, I have plenty of very high grade wire. Send me the connectors you want and exact cable length and I will do it for you for nothing.
Talk to Paul Speltz at Anti-Cables. They’ll build anything you want for very reasonable cost, to include wires and connectors.
Try VH Audio. Chris can build you anything you want at reasonable prices. 
Check the link I gave you in the first answer, Frank at Signal Cable will give you the best value for money, really doubt you can find anything better, custom lengths for all his silver phono cables and connectors of your choice (XLR if needed).
I’ve tried routine internet searches and mostly came up dry. Hence, my phrasing of custom, as in made to order. One Audiogon vendor made such cables to order about 10 years ago. I appreciate everyone’s input. Awesome. TY. 
How can any one of us say that his recommended cable company gives "the best value for money", unless of course you've tried all the others and compared similar cables from each?  Which I doubt is the case.

look on the Audio Art web site.

They hand make their cables and are actually quite nice when I've compared them to much more expensive cables.

they are my go-to cables now.  I just bought a DIN to XLR  phono cable from them recently which blows away the cable I used to have there.

I just received a custom made phono cable from Analysis Plus. They offer cable options such as varied DIN angles, RCA or XLR connectors, and length. I chose their Silver Apex series. 

Since they are new and I only have a few hours of use with them, all I can say for now, the sound seems to be even keeled across the listening frequency spectrum. The bass seems to be very taught and articulate. I am experimenting with these and possibly other cables to see if I need to actually address phono cable issues. My system is at such a high resolution playing level now, I feel as if I am chasing things and searching for something I really don’t need. I am willing to splurge and throw substantial funding here, but so far, don’t think I need to. For comparison, my go to custom phono cable is the Silver Breeze...they closed up shop a few years ago. Still going strong. 

Origin Live has multiple options that most likely include what you want.  They have then options of RCA/XLR all the proper grounding along with the DIN direction options.  I have one of their Silver Hybrid RCA/right hand DIN cables I’m getting ready to list.  Very low hours as I upgraded to a new OL arm and had the same cable made continuous in that arm.  Go to their website and look under “upgrades” for their cable options. Choice of length and connectors is in the checkout process which you can exit at any time.