DAC Denafrips Pontus 2 or AUDIO GD R8 2021

EHello to all

I own since 2 months a DAC audio GD R8 2021 in replacement of a Network Player Lumin D1 and the choice towards the listening of a DAC R2R is up to my expectations.

However another actor on the DAC market not to mention Denafrips produces quality DACS and the Pontus 2 which is in the same budget as the one I own seems to have serious assets.

I didn't really find any comparison between the 2 brands in the different Forums or specialized magazines

thank you for your feedback

Doubt you'll find anyone who has seriously compared them side-by-side. You'll just have to roll the dice based on impressions of each. I was in similar situation a few months ago and chose the Pontus II, which is working out great for me. 
Based on the number of comments, it seems like the Audio GD has sold in smaller numbers, so perhaps focus your search terms on it, will find you comparisons vs. the Denafrips. e.g. Search "Audio GD R8 vs." 
Does it replace the R7HE MK2... are you questioning how it sounds in your system? trust your ears. Is it making you smile, tap your foot, bob your head... or....?There could be lots of reasons if not, cables, interconnects what digital cable are your using?

I have a ~ 4 yo Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5 dac/pre, that is quite good, especially at the used price I bought it for), but something in the high frequencies isn’t quite as smooth as I would like, at least on some Redbook CDs.

Ive looked at Audio GD R28 and it has all the makings of an excellent dac/pre, (whether the R2R dac is an upgrade can only be determined by purchasing it) and the price is certainly right (see Underwood HiFi pricing)
The problem on several units overheating for they run hot and horrible distortion 
rating just  look on some of the forums and failed and users were blamed voided warranty.
FWIW, I own a Pontus II, and am very happy with it. The reviews, both online and on forums, are almost 100% positive. The build quality is very high, and customer service generally excellent. Other than network interfacing with some computers, I can’t think of any complaints that I have seen, and those issues were apparently resolved through firmware updates.

In other words, it would probably be difficult to go wrong with a Pontus.

Which products are you speaking of that are over heating and failing as I was looking at the Audio GD R28 also. And which companies are voiding there warranties?