DAC replacement?? Also looking for passionate tube tech

I'm trying to revive an older DAC that needs the DAC chips replaced.  I've called a number of places around the Northwest and just not finding someone who will humor such a job.  There must be resources out there for surface mount repairs...  I'd be very appreciative of any leads that might help me find a well qualified technician.

For a different project, I'm looking for a good tube tech.  I'm in the Northwest, but doesn't necessarily have to be local.  I picked up a tube integrated amp that sounds quite lovely, but it's acting up.  It's a DIY deal with no schematic available.  I'm sure an experienced tech would have no problem identifying what kind of circuit we're working with and be able to troubleshoot from there.  

Thanks a bunch for any leads!
I just came across High End Repair in Phoenix Az.  James is the owner.  Good Guy and very knowledgeable.  His phone in four eight zero, three ninety eight, seventy three sixty two.  Good Luck.
I have the perfect guy for you. He lives in Renton, and is a designer for Bottlehead Labs. His name is Paul Birkeland, and he did some work on a couple of tube amps for me. He charges a very reasonable price.

I got interested in some of the tube amps he builds, so one day he brought four different amps to my home to try in my system. The last one we tried was a 3C24 amp, and it didn't go back home with him. I've had a few minor problems with tubes, and he's checked the amp a couple of times, and sent me home with new tubes and no money spent.

If you PM me, I'll send his contact info to you. I'm sure glad I met him, I think you will be, too.

Best regards,
you can message me or see the components I build on my system page here.  I am in New Jersey so you would need to ship.