DAC Streamer Recommendation

A client of mine purchased a home in Colorado which included for free two mid 1970's Klipschorn K-Horns in perfect shape.  I am helping him assemble a system for the K-Horns.   I have purchased for him so far a Luxman L590aii amp and a VPI Prime Scout turntable with a Dynavector MC cartridge.  Although vinyl will be his prime source, he would also like to have the capability to stream hi-rez digital from Amazon. If the budget is $2000 for a streamer DAC, new or used, what should I look at?

I am a vinyl and SACD guy so I know nothing of this product.  Thanks for your help.
The list of streamers that are compatible with Amazon HD are on their website and that is all there are for the near future.  Amazon seems to be in no hurry to release their API to other companies and all of them have asked.
You could use a Bluesound Node2i for streaming and send it through any DAC.  This is what I do in my 2nd system as I run the Node2i through a Benchmark DAC3.  This can be done for $2K and Amazon Music HD is supported by the BluOS app.  There are plenty of decent DACs in the $1500 new (less used of course).
I did not know that Amazon HD is a limiting factor. Ok let’s say Qobuz or Tidal are options.  His preference is for a one box solution if possible.  
Yeah, I’d ditch Amazon and go Qobuz, which is what I actually did and am very happy.  At that budget I’d get a Bluesound Node 2i streamer and an Audio Mirror Tubadour DAC lll.  That’d be a real nice start, and when funds allow he can upgrade the DAC to SE status and get a meaningful improvement if he wants.  If he’s serious at that point he’d probably also want to get a better streamer too.  Best of luck. 
If he likes vinyl (as I do), he should try Computer Audio Design. It sounds great. In Japan they are distributed by Stella (Techdas), and that says something to a vinyl lover...
The Lumin D2 is a good recommendation.  Also check out the TEAC NT-505, which is what I ended up getting after considering both, mostly because I got a good deal on the TEAC.  
Bluesound if you want to stream many different services.
Aurender, if you want to stream only High Def services-Qobuz and Tidal.
Do the Teac NT505 and the Lumin D2 both have wireless capability? The preamp features on the TEAC would not be used since he will have an integrated amp.  Does everyone use Roon software to run these things?
The teac only has a wired connection. You can use the Lumin, esoteric, or teac apps or bubbleupnp (Android)
If the primary source is vinyl and streaming is secondary I would simply go with a Node2i and use the BluOS app and onboard DAC. Connect it with RCA to the integrated. After he gets used to it try some separate DACs if he isn't satisfied. 
You can solve the Teac and Lumin's need for a wired connection with a $20 WiFi extender or if he is on Comcast they have their own extenders.  I have owned both units and prefer the Teac.
I had problems using the TEAC with a wireless client. I ended up running a wire to it. 
Worked fine for me since November 2018 with either a TP Link extender and now an Xfinity Xpod. 
When I had a Lumin the control app for Android devices did not work well at all.  I understand that it works well with Apple devices.
Lumin will requre a wired connection or a WiFi extender.

as for one box solutions:

Cambridge Audio has two streamer/dacs in your price range.


well reviewed, too.
@jackd  Mine worked fine with a TP Link client at first also.  I updated the firmware and after that it would not stay visible on my network.  I tried factory resets and a bunch of other things, but could not get it to work reliably using a wireless client after that.  Others have reported similar experiences.  It may work fine.  There is another thread or two where a number of posters have said they had to send theirs back due to connectivity issues even wired.  It seems to be a weak point, but not present in all.  By all accounts TEAC has been great in providing replacements when needed.  Just something to be aware of.  I am very happy with mine now that I have no connectivity issues and highly recommend it.