DAC with preamp and remote

Looking for a DAC with integrated pre/linestage and remote under $1500 new/used. I know of these, what others should I consider?

Bel Canto DAC 1.5 (new)
Bel Canto e.one DAC 3 (used)
Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 (new)
Citypulse 2.03.Described as a "Benchmark beater." I own one and like it very much!
The PS Audio Perfect Wave can probably be purchased used for around that. It has a remote and enough gain.
In the current issue of Stereophile, Jon Iverson reviews the YBA WD202, which is a DAC and headphone amp. It can also drive an amp and has a remote control. At $879, looks like a good deal ($750 street price). Jon Iverson compares it the Musical Fidelity V-DAC, Cambridge Audio DAC Magic, Benchmark DAC1 USB, and the Ayre QB-9 DACs. His verdict, the YBA unit outclassed the Musical Fidelity and Cambridge Audio DACs and it kept up with the $700 more expensive Benchmark DAC. May be worth your while to give a listen. Good luck.
Thank you all for your responses. I've also read the threads about the Peachtree Nova. Would you consider it just for the DAC and pre sections?
Tube audio designs tadac (2009 version). I settled on one after owning an mhdt Havana, benchmark dac1, bel canto dac3 and redwine isabellina. The Chinese tubes should be switched out though, otherwise it sounds a bit rough with the cheap tubes. I have mine paired with an empirical audio offramp and i'm done looking.
Might do a search for the Matrix Dac Pre, its from China but I have read some good things about.
Way below your price range though, $319 shipped on fleabay.
And I think it offers USB.
I have not heard it personally, but theres alot about it on the web.