DACs and Transports--do they still go together?

A bit behind on the technology these days; when DACs such as Lampizator and MSB are discussed, the talk seems to center around servers, computer files and streamers, none of which I use or want. I like to play CDs. Do any of the models in these two lines have inputs for a CD transport, or is that just not how the market is going now? Maybe I need a dope slap.....
Taking a quick look at a picture of the rear of the MSB Discrete DAC as an example it looks like you are in business, it has a few different inputs. I would imagine that Lampi's wouldn't be an issue either.

I have the lastest Mojo Audio DAC as well as a Modwright DACs and spin CDs with both  via a Simaudio 260dt CD transport in one system , and a Cambridge CXC CD transport in the other.
@jjss49 , yes, they still go together, or yes, I need a dope slap? ūü§™

@facten, I see that MSB does offer a disc transport for their DACs in the same way Esoteric does.  How about Lampizator, then--inputs for transport, and what would be a worthy match--anyone?  Then there's the pre-amp/volume question.  

I'm trying to upgrade from a 2003 Wadia 861SE, all GNSC mods done between 2004-2007.  I know, it's old, but it does all three tasks, and with the right AC cable, interconnects, front-end power conditioner, vibration control, fuse and four PPT mats, this thing is performing.....or so I have believed. About the fuse mention, part of the GNSC mods was the Hi-Fi Tuning fuse I found in there about ten years ago.     
yes they still go together

but cd transports are just one source of bits to be converted -- file servers and streamers are the others, which is why most reasonably well designed dacs offer multiple inputs these days
It's all about matching the output on the digital source to the input on the DAC. 
I don't know what Lampi offers as transports you can always email them and ask what they have or would recommend. You can  look at CEC & Simaudio transports as options for either brand if you are looking for quality CD functionality versus the fuller functionality suite of the MSB transports
@jafreeman the only DACs you might run into a problem with are the ones that _only_ accept USB inputs and have no other inputs, as you are almost guaranteed not to find a USB output on a traditional CD player/transport.

But otherwise, servers and streamers are using the same I/O connection types as traditional CD players/transports. Most likely you just need to confirm there is a coaxial S/PDIF and/or optical TOSLink input on the back of any DAC you are considering, to match whatever is on your CD player.
Thanks all, MSB is out of my reach, have inquired with Lampizator America.  Who likes a tubed output?  I have ARC REF210 mono blocks with KT 150's.    
Yes X 2
Pro-Ject goes i2s to their DAC.
If that don't mean  "go together" your're a monkey's uncle.

Is Covid contagious?
If you aren't interested in streaming where you might need more inputs but simply playing CD stick with a CD player that has it's own DAC. 
Black Ice has a player with full functionality...CD transport with Tos/Coax & AES/EBU XLR outputs, DAC with Asynchronous USB, Tos & Coax inputs, and a built-in 12AX7 output stage for use as full CD player or to decode a streamer.  Three mints in one!
Thanks all, have had questions answered on connections to transport--plenty of options, including custom orders from Lampizator.