DACs for older gear

A seemingly knowledgeable poster at the Bryston thread of AudioAficionado suggested that the DAC process of my Bryston SP3 is older technology and that my Oppo 205 has a better DAC that I might use.  The SP3 has a number of features that make it flexible, including lots of balanced ports so I'm reluctant to discard it.  It appears as though DACs that accept HDMI input that I might use in front of the SP3 are rare -- I've read the licensing fees for HDMI are very expensive.  Is there an obvious solution?  Other than for the 205 and SP3, I've moved to the Ayre 5X series for stereo.   
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HDMI inputs are relatively rare in “High End” gear .  I bought the Bryston DAC 3 because it offered HDMI inputs.  Before that I experimented using an older AVR in my two channel system as a preamp, with digital out to my power Amp.  Since the power amp has only 1 set of inputs, this sidelined my expensive pre amp, but perhaps a Pre amp with HT bypass would solve that.
The SP3 is now disconnected and will join the pile of components I need to sell, so the issue for me is moot.  My goal is to simplify, because I mostly use Roon to play files from Qobuz and Tidal, and files I've ripped or downloaded.  Ethernet to the QX-5/20 is superb for that.  I rarely spin a disc anymore.  I did add an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 preamp to use with my Thorens TD 124/SME III/Ortofon 30H, but that's just playing with icons of my youth.

The bryston sp3 is still sold and sounds absolutely fabulous.  dac technology is very mature and has sounded great for many many years.  I still have a meridian dac from the 90s that is wonderful sounding.  

Your Ayre DX-5 DSD is a universal disc player (bluray player) therefore has HDMI outputs to connect to either an AV preamp surround processor or an AV receiver for surround processings of your bluray & DVD movies. 

High end two-channel DACs or streamer/DAC or high end stereo gears in general would not have HDMI. 

HDMI is usually for AV (audio video) or HT uses. 
I use balanced output from the Ayre DX-5 DSD to the KX-5/20 preamp for stereo, and have pretty much turned to the Oppo 205 for surround and HT with front LR passed through balanced analog to the KX-5, and surround to a pair of NAD C 268 Class D amps.

If frostdotcom is correct, I might connect the audio HDMI from the Ayre DX-5 to the SP3 for surround and HT.  I can then switch the NAD amps between XLR from the SP3 and RCA from the 205 to determine which I prefer.