DALI Euphonia MS5 in smaller room

does anyone have any good or bad experiences with using these gigantic speakers in a "not-huge" room. it's approx 10X16X9. my currents speakers are linn akurate 242's withtwo 6.5" woofers. i'm looking for more bass. i would think that two 8" would give what i'm looking for. DALi dealers & the company say that the MS4's would be much more appropriate, but I can't see how another speaker with 2 6.5's would give more bass.

i've had very knowledgeable people tell me that they are WAAAY too big for my room. Others with DALI experience say it can work since it is a dedicated room & i can place them away from the rear wall. They would have to be around a foot & half from sidewalls & approx 6-7' apart (tweet to tweet). i have successfully used big speakers with 2 8's in a similar volume room in the past, but i'm afraid of spending the money & ending up with a bass problem. i do have lots of auralex foam & could add their traps for a relatively nominal amount. finally, are the MS5's & 4's really identical in sound except in warehouse sized rooms? i appreciate anyone's feedback or opinion! thanks...
The MS5 are a rear ported speaker. Your room is too small. Find a nice used pair of MS4's .
I'd heed the recommendations you've rec'd and try something different / more suitable for your room size. I assume you've already tried adding a subwoofer to get more bass(?)... if not, buy a good adjustable sub (REL, Aerial).
I have Helicon 400 MK 2 and I have just perfect bass in a 23X28X14 room! I would hate to have my speakers in your room much less the MS5s. Just because a 6.5 woofer don't get it in one design don't mean all 6.5 woofers in all speakers are the same.
I had a pair in a room that was 12 x 16 x 9 and the bass was a little overpowering for the room, and it was a dedicated room.

I have the smaller Dali Mentor 6 and the speakers do some magic on the soundstage. There is a right and left to the speakers and you can get this amazing WIDE soundstage that creates a wall of sound. The Mentor 6 has two rear ports and they do like to be at least a couple of feet from the wall.
I just got a pr of 242s myself...newer models with different drivers and crossovers....Amazing bass performance and accuracy...room is 12x19x9. If need be go for sub, rel or artikulate. What is the rest of your gear? Many times upgrading amp will seriously improve bass, big time
Jebsmith73: The MS-4's are also rear ported.

I have the MS4's in a 17d 20w room with 14' ceilings. Realistically though, the speakers are at the end of the long wall (the 20' wall, see my system for more info) and are about 6 feet apart and 1.5' off of bookcases that are 15" deep. I sit about 8 feet away (the setup is because they are in a living room that I, sigh, share with my wife). Bass is NOT a problem. I've heard the MS4's in a larger dedicated room and found them lovely at all levels, with especially pleasant LF extension. I think the MS5's would be too much speaker for your room. If you have a dedicated room than you're in good shape to be able to tune in when you find a speaker you like, but I wouldn't assume that just because you're using two 6.5" drivers now that another speaker with this setup will sound the same.
I have the MS5's in a 15 wide by 25 foot long room with a vaulted ceiling. It is more than enough speaker for that size room, so it will much too big for yours. The bass off these speakers is tremendous.
Guys, if a speaker is positioned properly (this can take hours of trial and error...sometimes down to 1/2") just about an speaker regardless of size should work in any room. Yes, bass heavy speakers require more "tuning" but doesn't mean they won't work in a small room.
OK, Let's see you put some Duntech Sovereigns in a 11X13 room and make them sound right!
Phile, my comment was "just about any speaker". There will always be exceptions to every rule, which I'm sure you already know ;)
Tim, I see you are selling the 242's. Did you try them active or with a sub? What is their replacement?
Good thread!

I am planning on putting a pair of MS5s in a 17.6' wide by 14' deep loft with 10' ceilings. The speakers will go on the long wall so they won't be in corners but I will have to sit between 8 and 10 feet away. The loft is open behind the sitting area so there is no reflection from the back wall. I have had Helicon 400s and 800s without any issues. Am I going to big?


Definitely not going too big from a sound standpoint if you want to put out the bucks. I have MS5's in a room like yours. Its not a loft but it is similar size and has 10-12 foot high ceiling. I sit 10 feet away and everything sounds great. Pay attention to how Dali says to position them in their manual. That is, firing straight ahead and away from walls a min of 10 inches, preferably more. Good luck!