Look, I hold Steve Hoffman in the highest regard possible. I have some DCC discs that are a VAST improvement over typical redbook offerings of the same material.

That said, I just got an e-mail from Elusive Disc (whom I also hold in high regard) asking me to spend $100-$150 for DCC/MSFL discs that are available on DVD-A/SACD for, say, $17.99.

Now, be serious with me for a second. Would you spend $149.99 for a DCC disc that's STILL nothing more than 16/44.1, when you KNOW the high-res version is 24/96 or even 24/192, AND is 90% cheaper?

Some people like DVD-A, some prefer SACD...some think it'a all worthless because it'a not analog. I can accept each of these viewpoints. But $150 for a 16/44.1 CD when there's a 24/192 version of the same disc available for 17 bucks?!?!?

Who would spring for a glorified REDBOOK version when high res can be had so much cheaper (and so much better, if I'm not wrong?)

Just trying to understand the logic...help and comments greatly appreciated.


Apples and oranges. The DCC/MOFI discs have been out of productions for some time. The cost relates to their rarity and subsequent collectibility and has little to do with comparative sound quality.


I'll take the CCR SACD's over the DCC's just because of price and SH did them both and the SACD's sound great,as good as the DCC.