DCCA vs. PS. Audio AC-12/AC-10.

How do they compare.
05-13-11: Thesoundhouse
Yes and the DCCA kills the P.S. Audio

Really ? How do you make such an assertion ? Do you own both cables and have done an extensive a/b comparo between the two ? If so, what did you like about the sound of DCCA versus PSA ?
Kills! those are strong words and I doubt very seriously. All I can speak for is the Ps AC10 and AC12 both are worth a serious audition in your setup!
The Ps audio ac-10&12 have been reported to have a long break-in period unless you have a cooker to speed the process up.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to have any comparison, as apparently both the PS Audio AC-10 and 12 are now dead. The DCCA is being held for questioning.
PS Audio AC12 is better than the older DCCA's. Not huge differences but I found the PSA AC12 having more speed and clarity. The new DCCA's are built completely different and my bet would be on the new DCCA without listening. I have had fellow members tell me the difference between the old and new are startling. I am now using the new BMI MK5 which is 10 times the cord the PS Audio AC12 puts out. Pretty pricey but raised my musical enjoyment to a different league.