Denon DVD 2900 problems with SACD

Hey Everybody,

I have a problem with my DVD 2900 reading SACD discs. I can not play any of my SACDs all the way through without the player skipping or stopping and displaying "NO PLAY" on the fron display. Many of them will not start at all with the same "NO Play" message displayed. These same discs will play in my Planet no problem and are spotless. I have used a lens cleaner disc and I just installed a firmware update with no change. It plays DVD v and A perfectly and CDs too.
Has anybody had this same problem and does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks for your time
I'm sorry for the confusion. I can play hybrid SACD/Red Book CD discs in my Planet that will not play in my 2900. These include such titles as Norah Jones, Dark Side of the Moon, Eat a Peach etc. I was just trying to establish that the physical discs themselves were not the problem as they are all playable on another player in my system.
Thanks for consideration.
Is either layer playable? Have they ever played? Will SACD only discs or CD Only discs play? Will DVDs play?

The cd layer of hybrid SACDs will play but the SACD layer will ether not play at all or will stop playing at some point in the disc. I only have one SACD only disc and I just played it all the way through with no problem. All these discs used to play on this player. It used to only have a problem with drop outs on "Dark side of the Moon" but it has been getting worse and now none of my hybrid SACDs will reliably play. Red Book CDs and DVDs (audio and vidio) play with no problems.

Have a good one
Sounds like the laser is having a problem focusing. Could be as simple as dust on the lens or it needs an adjustment. I've used the same player for a long time with zero problems.
Thanks Narrod,

I'll try the cleaning disc once more and then I guess it will be off for service.

I have a half dozen SACD's and DVD-A's and never had a problem. I bought the new NIN which is a hybrid and I get the same issues as you describe. I remember reading that many of the Phillips / Denon players did not like the hybrids.
I have a similar problem -- my 2900 will no longer play any redbook cd I put in. Any thoughts?
I had a similar problem with a 2910 -- fairly new. Playing multichannel disks it first displayed this behavior on SACD. I have just bought the SACD so I thought it was the disk and took the disk back. Bought the same album in DVD-A format and this started skipping as did all the disks. When I say skipping, it was more of a start/freeze/start. I took it back and it tested our fine. Seems to work ok now.
I have had my Denon 2900 for a year now, and have had no problems playing redbook CDs, SACD, DVD-A and DVD-V. BTW DSOTM plays just fine & all the way through; this is a classic, I luv this one!
I've had mine for more than a year. The only discs that are a problem are the DualDiscs. The player doesn't seem to like the thicker discs and skips on the CD side.