Desktop DAC with remote volume control?

Hi all,
I just found out I’ll be moving to a permanent work from home scenario. I’m in the process of setting up a legit home office and one item I’ll need is a desktop sized DAC with a separate remote control so I can adjust volume from the other side of the room for phone calls, etc. 

I’ve had a Grant Fidelity TubeDac-11 in this position for years and it has worked flawlessly, but lacks a remote and I can’t move the DAC to the new location due to the length of cables it would require.

Looking to keep this purchase under $500 since this is a “second” system used for background music and not critical listening. Any suggestions are appreciated.
i had several to suggest to you till i saw ’less than $500’...

...maybe some low end chi-fi ones, but i have not tried them
If you don't need bluetooth capability the Topping E30 is fabulous IMO. 
There’s a Bel Canto DAC3 on US Audio Mart for $675 with remote.  Great DAC at that price.  Best of luck. 
Second the Topping E30. Get the Jameco 5V 1 amp power supply for it. $150 plus $20. Uses the Excellent AK4493 DAC. I have one and it compares very well to DACs in the multi thousand dollar range.