detailed vs. warm DAC - which do I prefer?

My first post on GON... I recently purchased a PS Audio DirectStream DAC and when I do an A/B comparison with my old NAD C542 cd player (Burr-Brown Sigma Delta DAC), I prefer the cd player every time.  The DSD just sounds too laid-back and muted for my taste with a less-defined soundstage.  In all fairness to PS Audio, I've only had the DSD for a couple of weeks so it's nowhere near to being broken in.  My question to the group is what, if anything, does this say about my preference in DACs?   I live in the sticks, so I don't have the luxury of listening to demos at a dealer or in my own system.  If I do seek out a replacement for the DSD, should I consider a more "detailed" or "warm" DAC?  I honestly don't know what I prefer.  My budget is $7K and I'm considering the mytek manhattan II, bryston, luxman, and exogal.  Surely there's a DAC in this price range that will sound better than spinning discs in my old cd player.  Or maybe I've grown so accustomed to the digital redbook sound that I haven't learned to appreciate the more analog sounding DSD and it might grow on me after break-in.
the PS takes a long time to break in...they are also coming out with a new upgrade next week to replace RedCloud
I'm using the NAD C542 as transport as well as streaming to the bridge II with Roon. 
I'd like to encourage you to give the Exogal Comet a try. I don't want to miss mine anymore.
You can have both. No reason that can't especially at that price point.  I just sold an Ayre QX5/20 DAC/streamer/digital front controller (even new it's in your range depending on which input you want. There are some incredible DAC's in the 5k range that would be a great choice.  Have you seen the very long thread on AG talking about top DAC's?  Matt (the OP) is a very close friend and he was looking for the top DAC period, but he's also had some of the under 10k DAC's in that thread.  It's a very very long thread, but you can simply ask Matt which ones he likes in your range.  You will have a ton of 'experts' trying to sell you on THEIR DAC's, but Matt has actually had most of them in for a decent audition. He's also not a sales person (he's a Dr.).  

Feel free to PM me if you want to get in touch with him or have me ask for you.  He'll have a few options for you I'm sure.  Be ready though as he's not a fan of the PS Audio DAC's, lol.  
lots of good options at your price point, but don't downplay the importance of the transport. And the free DirectStream DAC upgrade should be available next week...
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I have both the Manhatten (I) and the Bryston DAC3.  I’ve never heard the PS Audio, but based on what you’ve written, I have a feeling that the Manhatten will suit you fine.  My Manhatten is fantastically detailed and analytical but still sounds musical.  I purchased the Bryston primarily for it’s ability to play SACDs and it’s a bit softer and less detailed than the Manhatten, although still an excellent DAC
The Denafrips Terminator seems to be detailed as well as warm, based on what I've read. And it's a DAC I'm seriously considering. 

I'm very much in the neutral, detailed, information rich, soundstage, camp. I'd be previously considered the PS Audio as my next DAC, but then I read that the Terminator is better, and in some people's mind's, much better. And better in the areas I think are important. 

I'm honestly considering keeping my current DAC (modified MHDT Labs Balanced Pagoda, which really sounds great), and saving up for a Rockna Wavedream. 
@ctsooner what DAC did you upgrade to from the Ayre QX 5?

You had been championning it for quite a while in the past.

What do you now prefer to it?

First off, a DAC is also still dependent on your system, so look at that before making any decisions that are costly.  Just my opinion.

I still love the Ayre for that price range.  it's sick good to be honest and you have to spend in the range of 15k or so to get as good or better.  Again, system and my opinion.  

I now have the Music Player from Sam Laufer.  I had them build in their newest DAC (mine if the second one they've made and the first is their own prototype).  We are waiting on the Stealth Caps to arrive as they will take it into an even better direction.  He is also working on some wiring upgrades as well as a tube upgrade (only two small signal tubes).  I was scared to death to make this change as I had never heard the DAC.  

I fell in love with the server in a few systems over the last year.  It's by far the best server I've ever heard adn it's not close. I've heard the W20, N10 as well as many of the most expensive servers from the other brand names as well as the smaller computer based companies out there.  Not all mind you.  

I can't tell you how much is the server and how much is the DAC since I changed both at the same time (being integrated, you can't separate the two, lol).  I had them integrate an analog preamp into it as well as the digital one that is on the chip.  I'll probably end up with Vandersteen Mono blocks IF I can scrape up the money for them and IF I love them as much as others I've spoken with who are intimately familiar with them.  I can't fit any of the top named stereo amps into my rack right now adn that's not changing, lol. 

Even the Laufer mini server is inexpensive as servers go and is a great value.  My friend loves his.  Now I have to sell my Empirical Audio server with the Paul Hynes LPS unit that was Steve Nuggents server at all his shows (have to download all those high res and well recorded files he used at the shows, lol).  Digital is a different animal now days.  
Over on Darko.Audio he did a video review/comparison of the DENAFRIPS Terminator, and as you have experienced, he also found the PS Audio DSD DAC to be softer sounding than the Terminator...