What are your preferred profiles for integrated amplifiers

Hi members,

Kindly share your views on your preferred amplifier profiles
1. Would you prefer an amplifier with 1u, 2u or 3u
2. Internal cooling fins vs external cooling fins
3. Black, Silver or white
4. Class A,AB,D

kind regards

I would prefer a high end highly detailed, highly musical component like an Audio Research integrated amp. Incredible musical and detailed products... after I listened to it and read the reviews and bought it I would look to see if it had a fan, what class it was... etc. I guess the color you would want to choose first, but like all other aspects of the sound it is a matter of your tastes. So, I would concentrate on finding the kind of sound you want. You will find advocates and critics of all the aspects you brought up.
Surprisingly to me, my Audio Research REF160s amp has a fan... I will admit I never thought I would have an amp with a fan.
The one that sounds best. There are great products in each design class.ย 
Read the specs for a Balanced Audio Technology VK-3000SE. The perfect real-world Integrated Amp.
A bonus is the ease of bi-amping this design allows.
Class A, silver, external fins (artistically machined, a la Pathos' fins), 2u or 3u